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Pre-marathon Training in Stadtwald Giessen: Final week

This was my last week of “pre-training” before I begin the 16-week countdown until the Berlin Marathon on Sunday, September 28. I only missed one 5-mile run (last time I’ll not feel guilty about missing a run!), and ended with a *cough* “strong” 8 miler.

Monday, 26 May 2008

run type: Training run
route: Stadtwald Giessen, out to intersection 4, left and around, right at intersection 17, past 7, first right to Hirtenbrunnen, right, left at intersection 6 and back to the start (map coming soon to make all this clear)
feeling: :|
time: 35’33”
distance: 3 miles
pace per mile: 11’48”
additional notes: Did not feel like running today at all: It was warm and muggy out on my ride home, and I still felt achy from yesterday. But I did it anyway. Could have been 3.1 or 3.2 miles since we ran on a trail we haven’t measured yet. Had a hard time breathing (doctor’s appointment next week!) and some pain in my right knee at start (no thanks to today’s bike accident), which went away, but the lower buttocks/hips muscles (ligaments? tendons?) are pretty sore. My theory is that it’s from the hills, which my muscles aren’t used to. My theory is based on the increased pain I felt on today’s hills.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

run type:
route: To the end of Stadtwald Giessen, right at intersection 8 to 18 and back, then to the beginning.
feeling: :|
time: 56’28”
distance: 4.9 miles
pace per mile: 11’30”
additional notes: Hip pain again when running up the hills. I even walked for 1m10s up the steepest hill and still made it in 11’30” per mile. Not the best run, but not bad either.

Saturday, 31 May 2008

5 miler scheduled: skipped in lieu of hanging out with the Baileys, Moira, and Jessica in the Philosophenwald and then playing side-splitting hilarious games of Swap and spoons. Later, I watched Deckchairs 4 (+ A Wedding Story) with Jessica and Lea, followed by beers at Paprica.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

run type: Long run
route: out to the 2-mile marker, back to the beginning. Repeat.
feeling: :(
time: 1h48m
distance: 8 miles
pace per mile: 13’30”
additional notes: What a terrible run. I think it was so bad because of the combination of lack of sleep (didn’t get much Friday night), heat, and hills. The “out” 2 miles are hilly, then you turn around and run down hill. At the 4-mile point, I was just focusing on finishing the run and totally forgetting my pace. I just handed the watch off to Rob when he passed me. Rob, on the other hand, felt great and ran the 8 miles in 88 minutes, a nice 11 minute per mile pace.

2 thoughts on “Pre-marathon Training in Stadtwald Giessen: Final week

  1. Linden

    03 Jun on 2008 at 6:42

    I know! It started last night with a frickin’ awesome 3 mile run: 10 minutes per mile! Definitely not as fast as you, but that’s super quick for me. I think it’s because we ran on totally flat land, as opposed to the hilly place we normally run. :)

  2. Kevin

    02 Jun on 2008 at 15:23

    You are almost on your way!!!!