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Today is the First Official Day

Me in front of the Brandenburger Tor with the Berliner Bear last August. This is about 200m before the finish line.

That’s right: Today is 16 weeks out from the Berlin Marathon and official training has started. I am warily excited. I’ve tried this before and didn’t make it. But I am stronger and more prepared physically and mentally.

Thankfully, I’m not alone. Rob has committed to training with me and cheering me on during the big race (what he doesn’t know yet: I’ll have a map with places he and his family will meet me, complete with estimated times that I’ll pass the spots), plus my Springfield training partner just announced that she’ll be training for a sprint Tri during the summer (not as good as training together, but better than nothing!), and a new-found running blogger buddy starts training for his marathon two weeks after I do (although under rather mysterious conditions).

The Goals

I have read several blog posts recently (by Vanilla and Nitmos) that sorta give me the impression that runners are supposed to post race goals on their blogs a few days or weeks out from the race. I’m just going to do it now. I know I’ll revisit these goals closer to the race, but I just want to share what I’m thinking at the beginning of my training. Might be funny to read later.

Pie-in-the-sky Goal: 10:30 miles for an overall time of 4h 35m 18s
Seemingly Realistic Goal: 11:30 miles for an overall time of 5h 01m 31s (I will cross that finish line in under 5 hours!)
I Like Shiny Things Goal: It’s my first marathon: I’ll be satisfied with finishing on my feet and not crawling. (Even crawling wouldn’t be bad as long as I finish…)

We’ll see…

The Training Program

I based my training program on a combination of Hal Higdon‘s novice and intermediate marathon plans. I’ve scheduled 10 pace days during the 16 weeks, and this time around, I’ll be doing some “weight training” on the side as well (more on that in a bit). Here’s what it looks like. You can add my calendar, which I’ll be updating after each run, to your feed reader here or view it here.

The “Weight Training”

I have committed to strengthening the rest of my body during the 16 weeks by competing against myself in a fitness test. My original plan was to do the initial test today and then re-test myself 8 to 10 weeks in. Unfortunately, I was in a bike accident last week (nothing major–just fell up a curb, as only I can do, into another biker) and I have a nasty, painful bruise just under my left kneecap. It hurts to put any weight on it, so the girly push-ups I do (no laughing!) are out for at least one more week.

Which means… there is still time for you to join me in this fitness challenge! Charity was the only one to take me up on it when I made the initial offer. Is anyone else out there interested? If so, check out the original post and leave a comment to join in the healthy action!

That ends my first post from the marathon training season. I’ll be dreaming of the finish line tonight.

5 thoughts on “Today is the First Official Day

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  2. Linden

    09 Jun on 2008 at 8:00

    @beth: I know! I’m looking forward to training with you too. Hopefully I’ll be a normal runner by then. This week was brutal.

  3. Beth

    08 Jun on 2008 at 16:02

    Aw, how exciting! We cannot WAIT to train with you when we get there, and you look adorable with the bear….

  4. Linden

    03 Jun on 2008 at 17:27

    You could do if you trained for it… It’s fun!

    The bear was fun, too. Cost me a Euro, but it was worth it. :)

  5. Daniel

    03 Jun on 2008 at 12:52

    too much exercise for me. You look cute eithe the bear though :)