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Go Sarah!

Everyone go over and cheer on Sarah! Leave her some comments on her blog or on her Facebook profile. Tomorrow she runs her first triathlon, the Tiger Tri. She’ll swim 300 meters, transition, then a 12 mile bike, then a second transition, and then she’s off to her 3.1 mile (5k) run!

Sarah has been training long and hard for 10 weeks and the big day is finally here. She’s need all our encouragement right now!

Go Sarah! We’re all cheering for you! I believe in you and I know you are going to make a great showing at your very first triathlon!

2 thoughts on “Go Sarah!

  1. Linden

    23 Aug on 2008 at 16:10

    Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for encouraging Sarah! I am sure it helped her (especially after reading the post you left it on!).

    My running is going great this week! I’ve got a 20 miler tomorrow, and I hope it’s as great as the 20 miles I’ve already done this week. We’ll see, I guess…

  2. Michelle J

    23 Aug on 2008 at 15:43

    Hi Linden, how are you? I stopped over at Sarah’s blog and left her a nice comment on finishing her first tri!!

    How is your running going? Hope all is well in Germany!