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Join Me in a 1-mile Virtual Race!

1-Mile Virtual Race

1-Mile Virtual Race

Thanks to Nitmos and Non-runner Nancy, I just found out about Life Strides’ upcoming 1-mile virtual race. It takes place next week, September 1 through 7, and while Life Strides is hoping all the momentum of a virtual race will help him break the 5-minute mile, but thankfully he says that “all you have to do is run 1 mile as fast or as slow as you want.” Good! Because I don’t want to screw up marathon training by going for a record here and pulling or straining something to beat my best mile time (8:24). But I’ll strive for under 9:30. And then I’ll go run 4 more miles so that I get in my training runs for the week. Fair enough?

Now my challenge to my readers. I know there are lots of runners with friends who are also runners who read this blog. Will you join me? Post a comment and let me know you’re in! Then be sure to comment on Life Strides’ post, which is your virtual race registration.

After all, it’s always Easier With Friends!

4 thoughts on “Join Me in a 1-mile Virtual Race!

  1. Linden

    01 Sep on 2008 at 10:58

    @lorraine: I have heard about it, and actually one of my friends here is running in it in M√ľnchen!

    @reid: No problem! Thanks for hosting the VR! I'll be cheering for you to hit your goal pace on September 6th!

    @beth: Sweet! Be sure to let me know how it goes or post on Reid's post with your results!

  2. Beth

    30 Aug on 2008 at 17:21

    I’m in!

  3. Reid

    30 Aug on 2008 at 11:49

    Hey Linden, thanks for posting about my race! The support is very much appreciated. I can’t wait to do this! Good luck with your mile!

  4. Lorraine

    30 Aug on 2008 at 11:10

    I know this is last minute, but I just found out that Nike is hosting a virtual race (this weekend?) to raise money for charity. I don’t think you have to donate to participate though: http://nikeplus.nike.com/nikeplus/humanrace/map.jsp