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My First Virtual Race: 8 miles on the 8th

Is there anything better than running a race you didn’t know you were competing in? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, though, on Thursday, I ran Non-Runner Nancy’s 8 on the 8th Virtual Race. But I didn’t find out that Nancy was hosting this virtual race until today. :)

This is my first virtual race, so I think all I have to do is post my race report and final time. Here goes.

Hubby and I ran this race with some newlyweds who are traveling around Europe on their honeymoon. Friends of the Baileys, they are training for the Top of Utah marathon on September 20th, just 8 days before my marathon. They are visiting the Baileys for about a week and were glad to find running partners who know good running trails here.

On Thursday*, we ran our usual route, starting at Seltersweg, heading out to the path in Stadtwald Giessen, up to the 2-mile marker there, down to the Blue Arrow and out to the 1/2-mile marker there, then back home.

We walked a little bit, but probably not more than a total of 4 minutes. The Hill was a killer. plus, the “heat”** seemed to be affecting me too. I don’t think it helped that we chatted with the newlyweds the whole time, but it was totally worth it. According to my training log at LogYourRun, it was even a PR! Sweet!

Official Finishing Time: 1:37:30 for a pace of 12:12

* Yes, it’s the 7th, but that’s the beauty of a virtual race.
** Those quotation marks are for my friends in Missouri who would laugh at what I am calling heat. It’s all relative, baby.

5 thoughts on “My First Virtual Race: 8 miles on the 8th

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  2. Linden

    13 Aug on 2008 at 6:40

    @non-runner nancy: I know! I wish I would have known earlier. I just hadn’t had time to play catch up with my feeds. :(

    Have fun in your travels!

  3. Non-Runner Nancy

    12 Aug on 2008 at 18:26

    Glad you found us. Too bad you didn’t know ahead of time, would have been fun for the friends to hear they were in a virtual race too!

    Thanks much for participating. A full race report should be up soon. I’m traveling so it is a little more challenging to complete.


  4. Linden

    10 Aug on 2008 at 8:29

    @michelle j: We’ve been here for a little over 10 months. It’s so fun! And the place where I’m training–the Stadtwald Giessen–is just beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing your running blog!

  5. Michelle J

    09 Aug on 2008 at 18:54

    Hey i just stumbled upon your blog! Cool that you live and teach in Germany!! How long have you been living there?

    Congrats on finishing the virtual 8 on 8-8-08. Check out my blog over at http://runningdowndreams.wordpress.com/.

    Take care!!