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The 24. Giessener Stadtfest!

I decided to skip tonight’s 5 miler since my knees and left hip joint bothered me quite a bit during yesterday’s 9, but I really enjoyed what took it’s place. We decided to run to Aldi so we could pick up some mineral water (it’s great during those long runs!), cheese, and butter–nothing exciting just some essentials–but we got a treat. Today, the 24th Giessen City Festival started, and it lasts until Sunday.

On our way to Aldi, we walked past kiosk after sweet-smelling kiosk of every imaginable yummy. Cinnamon sugar baked almonds (and every other nut you can imagine, including sunflower seed kernels). Currywurst stands. Crepe stands selling my personal favorite, Zuckerwatte (cotton candy!). Beer stand after beer stand, each sponsored by a different beer brand. Chocolate-covered fruit stands. Need I say more?

There are also a number of artsy stands: paintings, jewelry, wooden stuff. And stages. This was my favorite part of the night.

At Türmchen, we heard some swinging jazz! It was so great that we stopped to listen. I love jazz, and I haven’t played in years. This really made me want to be a part of making music again.

We also saw some… interesting people (and can you believe I didn’t have my camera with me? I know, me neither): Tan dude in his 60s wearing just-a-bit-too-short black leather shorts and bright blue button-down shirt buying roasted almonds. Not tan dude also in his 60s wearing thin vertical red and white striped Mom jeans with a tight, tucked in white shirt. The guy with his dykish girlfriend wearing matching last-season H&M jackets in gray and day-glo green pipe pattern. Woman wearing brown leather: frilly leather vest (yep, it’s possible) and tight pants.

Now, I couldn’t have taken pictures of all of that, but even capturing one or two of these interesting sightings would have been fun for the eyes. :)

3 thoughts on “The 24. Giessener Stadtfest!

  1. Linden

    18 Aug on 2008 at 9:20

    @beth: It was a blast! We ended up walking around at least once every day it was going on.

    Seriously, the first time I saw Dyke and her man, I thought they were two guys. It wasn't until the second time that I realized he was actually a she. Oops.

    @a&d gross: Good to hear from you!! Why was it called the Strawberry Festival if they didn't have any strawberries? How sad! (I love strawberries.) Weird…

  2. Andrea and David Gross

    16 Aug on 2008 at 20:05

    Two weeks ago Andrea and I went to a Strawberry festival out here and they had all those fun things you talked about (I bought a lot of almonds). You know what they didn’t have? Strawberries.

  3. Beth

    16 Aug on 2008 at 15:27

    a) Sooooooo jealous! It sounds like a blast.

    b) I’m glad someone is bringing the word “dykish” back into modern vocabulary.