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When You Don’t Want To, You Gotta

Today’s 12-mile run almost didn’t happen. I already didn’t run yesterday because I had an upset stomach since after the 20 miler on Sunday (but I’ll be making that one up tomorrow). I just wasn’t feeling like running today, but I’m 31 days out from my marathon and skipping a run so close to my first ever 26-point-frickin-2 mile run just doesn’t sound good. Plus, I had FrayedLaces’ mantra in my head (see #2), so I laced up my Pearl Izumis and hit the road.

The first three miles sucked. I plodded along, turning my watch from stopwatch to the time so I wouldn’t feel that pressure. I reasoned with myself: Maybe I could just run the 7 I was supposed to do yesterday (but I just went to the store and bought gels for today); or the 10 we’re scheduled to do on Friday. Maybe I’ll just walk whenever I need to, at least getting the mileage in for the day. That’s better than not running, right?

Then something I just read popped into my head. Amy over at Runner’s Lounge posted last week on managing the middle miles (which I also blogged about), and some of her advice was to “Run for a week, but completely unassociated with my event.” So I just told myself that this run is not for training. It’s because I love to run. The only part that was going to be “training” was taking my gels every 4 miles.

It was mentally rough, and some pain was shooting up and down my right leg, hip to ankle. So I walked three times, for a total of 3 1/2 minutes within the first 3 miles.

And then something happened at mile 3. I don’t know what it was, but it just got easier. And that was half-way up The Hill! Here are some nuggets from today’s run.

  • Saw a runner mom with a gentle hand on her son’s back, pushing him on his bike up The Hill. There are several places I call “recovery areas” with are relatively flat, and she’d take her hand off until The Hill started again. Precious.
  • Saw a red lizard, and it excited me because David just posted a picture on Facebook of him and a cool Horned Lizard, and thought it would be cool to see a lizard of my own. But it was just a leaf laying the right way so it looked like a lizard. :(
  • Right as I come out of the forest near Watzenborn-Steinberg, I run past a huge row of double-stacked hay rolls. When I run past them, the smell reminds me of the times we spent in Gerster with Mom’s family, on Uncle Harve and Aunt Oleva’s farm, Traveler, Billy Jo teaching me to ride a 4-wheeler.
  • And a not-so-happy nugget: A very sharp pain hit my left foot with about a mile left. I took a minute to rub it and stretch it, then I ran carefully. When I got home and took off my shoes, it hurt really bad. I’ve got it wrapped right now. Let’s hope it doesn’t progress any further.

3 thoughts on “When You Don’t Want To, You Gotta

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  2. Linden

    01 Sep on 2008 at 11:03

    @lifestudent: Thank you so much for the encouragement!! I sure need it after the whole shoe debacle. I don’t plan on skipping any more runs unless I’m in serious pain like on Wednesday and Thursday (blog post coming soon, I promise). I’m a bit worried about running in my old shoes for my 20 and 12 milers, but I guess we’ll see how it goes. *sigh*

  3. lifestudent

    27 Aug on 2008 at 18:48

    its hard near the end of training to keep pushing yourself – I think trying to get out of the “its a training run” is a great idea.

    As I got to the end I skipped some of the shorter runs, but always did the long runs just by convincing myself they were essential to my survival in the 26.2 ;) Great job!