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1-mile Virtual Race Report

Even though I just started my taper, I decided to take part in Reid’s 1-mile virtual race to support him trying to set a sub-5-minute mile (which he did! Read about it here). My virtual race was pretty good. I did lots of warm up (3 1/2 miles of it) and plenty of cool down as well (6.5 miles of it).

Prior to this mile, my best time on the mile was 8:24. My only goal for this race was to meet or beat that time. Let me give you my race report, and then I’ll tell you if I met that goal.

It was a beautiful day here in middle Germany. The threat of rain meant the sky was overcast and the temperatures cool with a slight breeze. Since my biggest goal right now is to cross that finish line in Berlin, I did my mile race on our normal running route in the Stadtwald Giessen (instead of on a track) during a training run for The Big One, so I can’t be 100% sure that I ran exactly 1600 meters or 5,280 feet, but we’re pretty sure of the distance–within 10 feet, I’d say.

Rob and I started at the same time, and I had intended to keep pace with him for at least 100 meters, but he smoked me! I realized I couldn’t cover ground as fast as he, so with a “Goodness, you’re fast!” from he, he took off.

I focused on my breathing and got lost in its rhythm, feet pounding in time. Racing past the trees, around the familiar curves of our route through the forest, I pushed and pushed. After half a mile, I felt like it should have been over. But it wasn’t.

I had to work harder now; my body wanted to slow down. A biker passed going up the hill, so a quick smile and eye contact, and then face forward again. “Breathing, left right left right. Where am I? How far? There’s the intersection before the end. The clearing and the pile of cut wood before the final curve. Blue shirt! Rob’s waiting. How long has he been finished? Push, go, keep going.”

And I’m done! Rob announces my time as I pass him: 8 minutes and 19 seconds! “What was your time?” I ask him. He finished in 6:17–his fastest mile time so far. It was a good virtual race!

We walked and drank our mineral waters until we got to the next intersection, where we had left fresh bottles on our way up. We dropped our empty bottles, took the left down the Blue Arrow, and started our “cool down” run.

Total distance: 11 miles

Total run time: 2:07:23 (11:36 pace)

Virtual Mile Official Time: 8:19

Rob’s Virtual Mile Official Time: 6:17

5 thoughts on “1-mile Virtual Race Report

  1. Linden

    13 Sep on 2008 at 23:24

    @michelle j: 9:19 is nothing to scoff at, for sure! I normally run much slower than that. My average time over the last 18 months is 12 minute miles! After the marathon is over, I’m going to start some speed training, though. I want to be faster!

  2. Michelle J

    12 Sep on 2008 at 15:54

    WOOHOO!!! Great mile time! I am at least 1 min 3 sec slower than you are!!! I’m slowly getting there though!! Today i did a 9.19 which is 5 sec faster than my virtual mile race time!!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  3. Linden

    08 Sep on 2008 at 9:15

    @reid: Thanks! I’m glad you put on this little virtual race. I’ve been wanting to see how fast I am in the mile for a while now, and I guess I just needed a reason. :) Thanks for the good wishes for Berlin! I’m really starting to get excited now!

    @ww: Thanks! It is working… after I installed a new template. None of the Blogger templates were showing up in IE with the modifications I made. :P

  4. ww

    07 Sep on 2008 at 23:01

    Good job on the virtual mile! And I see that your blog layout is working too. Huzzah all around! :)

  5. Reid

    07 Sep on 2008 at 20:17

    Nice run! Congrats on the new PR! I’m so glad you and your husband were able to run this with me. I really appreciate your support. Good luck with your taper and Berlin. I’m so jealous!