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Berlin Marathon Training in Stadtwald Giessen (and DC and Richmond…): 2 and 1 Weeks Out!

Well, I’m posting this late, but I really would like to have a full record of my marathon training! Rob and I left for a two-week research trip to America on September 9, so I spent the two 1/2 weeks before the marathon running in a new place. Because of some great help, it turned out not to be a problem at all.

Washington D.C.

We only spent about 3 days in DC, but thanks to Jill, the one run we had to complete there was FUN! In addition to graciously opening her home to us and showing off all the best restaurants (Ben’s Chili Bowl, Lauriol Plaza, and Brickskeller), Jill traced a great route around/through all the memorials along The Mall in Google Maps, so we printed it off at the Library of Congress, took the Metro to the starting point, and enjoyed a very long 4ish mile run (it took us 1h15m!). We got some fun shots though.

Us at the beginning of the run, still fresh

Self-portrait in front of the Jefferson Memorial near the beautiful Tidal Basin

Through the FDR memorial and Korean War memorial, we found ourselves in front of the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument

A kind tourist offered to take our picture at the Lincoln memorial (despite our being sweaty and gross!)

I never thought we’d get to the White House. It looked a lot closer on the map!


I knew I would have a long run to do in Richmond before we left, so I posted on a Richmond-area running forum and Run Happy (Marianna) responded, saying she’d love to help me complete my 8 miler. I got up earlier than I have in a looong time and ran a pretty good 8-mile run with Marianna (1:31:17). It was humid, but running along the James River, talking to a runner who is training for a 100-mile race in October (!!!), and giving hearty greetings to fellow runners on the road made for a great morning.

After the run, we met some of the other runners at Starbucks (the starting and ending point) and I asked for some sea food restaurant recommendations (got a great list!). Then, Marianna drove me past the running store in Carytown, Byrd’s park with a nice gravel running loop, and through a neighborhood where lots of people run before dropping me off at the hotel. It was so nice of her to spend the extra time showing me all the hot running spots in our part of Richmond! I think she felt sorry for us: She asked where we were planning on running our shorter mid-week runs, and I told her that we were running “parking lot marathons.” The area around our hotel had a string of parking lots connected to each other, and on our first night in Richmond, we did 45 minutes in the parking lots. Not fun, not necessarily the safest, and such a waste, since there were several great places within 15 minutes of our hotel. We only did one more parking lot run while we were there since the loop at Byrd Park was so nice.

Gießen and Berlin

During the last week before the marathon, I was scheduled to run 4, 3, and then 2 miles. It was great. We did the 4 in the parking lots the night before we left Richmond, I did the 3 Thursday morning, and the 2 Friday morning with Rob in Berlin. It was very strange to run less than 45 minutes. It has been months since we’ve run anything less than 45 minutes.

I have to say, though, I never felt the frustration about the taper that I’ve read about. I think it was nice because we were traveling and I have such a big “extra” thing on my plate with my PhD (since it isn’t something I’m enrolled in classes for). It was nice to finally not spend so much time running and be able to spend more time focused on my work.

Stay tuned for a full marathon report. I’ll try to get it written tonight, but no promises! In the meantime, check out the Tweets Mutti wrote during the marathon (see below for direct links), look at my unofficial times (be sure to check the PDF for English translations), and look at the official MarathonFoto pictures (the race is under “real- Berlin Marathon 2008”, my bib number was F6001 and you should know my last name! Warning: I posed for every photograph I saw!).

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