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Tuesdays with Linden’s Favorite Links | 2 Sep 2008

This week I’ve got–you guessed it–a couple running links: Nitmos suggests post-marathon celebration, stretching from Hal, and post-run activities to avoid and to indulge in. But I’ve also got a new browser announcement for you. Check it out!

It’s no secret that I think Google rocks, so I’m pretty excited about using their new browser. Be sure to read the comic they made to explain why Google is developing a browser and how it will differ from Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, etc.

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I haven’t been as good about stretching during this training as I was in the past, but it is clear that I need to commit to it during these last 4 weeks of training. This post tells why stretching is so important and offers several stretches for runners. Bonus: It’s on HalHigdon.com!

This is a great post! Even if you’re not a runner, this list will make you laugh. (Is that Jacob??)

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Well, I guess it’s that time in the training when I need to start thinking about how I will celebrate once I cross the finish line. Thanks to this article by Nitmos, I now know I need to start deciding.

But that’s not why this article is on my links for the week. It’s because of this quote:

But when it’s over, it’s party time!

Or, as much “partying” you can muster with shredded calves, throbbing hamstrings, an unexplainable foul odor vaguely reminiscent of rotted skunk disemboweled by a rabid, ill-tempered wolverine with stage 2 halitosis, and enough body salt oozing from your pores to keep a meadow of deer happy for weeks.

So that’s what Team Linden will have to look forward to after I’m done? Please, don’t anyone tell them, or I might not have a cheerleading squad anymore!

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  1. Michelle J

    02 Sep on 2008 at 15:15

    I’m excited about google chrome!!! When will it be launched??? YAY!!!