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Tuesdays with Linden’s Favorite Links | 9 Aug 2008 (Pt. 1)

Simon or Google Chrome?

Simon or Google Chrome?

Today here on Tuesdays with Linden’s Favorite Links, I’m going to start sharing my thoughts on Google Chrome. For those of you who just don’t care about Google, I am including a recipe and a Dr. Seuss-esque running poem. Just click here to skip past all of today’s Google stuff).


Last week, I* announced Google’s release of their attempt at creating a new browser from the ground up based on how people use the Internet in 2008. (All of the other browsers are only updated as changes in use happen. They are essentially built on the same code they were when the product was first release.) I like Google, I like the way Google’s philosophies play out in their revolutionary (and free!) products, like Gmail and now Chrome: simple, intuitive, powerful. Today’s links are going to be interspersed as I offer my evaluation of Google Chrome today and tomorrow.

Let’s start with why I like Chrome. For me, it’s a lot of little things. The big things have not really delivered, but I’ll cover that tomorrow.

Logical, usable right-click menu. Hands down, the feature that made me weak in the knees was on the right click menu.

Go ahead, highlight a word you don’t know. Here are a few I’ve had to look up recently, thanks to DYT and others: meretricious umbrage and sartorial. Once you’ve highlighted the word, hover your mouse over it and right-click. Choose “Search Google for ‘[highlighted word here]'” and Voila! A new tab opens with the dictionary definition a click away.

I loved this feature of my Diigo toolbar and now it’s native to a web browser. Keep it coming! I suspect that if you change your default search engine (Wrench Menu > Options > Basics > Default Search), the change will be reflected in your right-click menu, but I’m a Googler, so I’ll let someone tell us that in the comments.

Search a site once and the Omnibox learns. Sounds a bit ominous, but it saves page loads, which saves time. I have been searching YouTube a lot lately in order to keep up with the conventions**. In Firefox, I would have to load the YouTube homepage, then use the search box. In Chrome, I simply type “Y [TAB] biden speech dnc” and I am taken directly to the search results, NOT via the YouTube homepage. Love it.

Hint: You have to use the search box on a site once before Omnibox learns the site has one. Then you can use the tab-kay shortcut to leap frog the site’s homepage and go directly to search results.

When closing tabs, the (x) stays put. It’s small, I admit, but time-saving. When I’m closing alllll the tabs I have open at the end of the day, Chrome keeps that (x) on each tab right under your mouse until you move the mouse. Since I primarily use a laptop with a touch pad, which I consider much less user-friendly than a normal mouse, this makes my life a little easier.

The home page auto creates itself. I’ve used Opera’s speed dial. I’ve used the rip-off Firefox add-on. But Google one-upped Opera and Josep del Rio: Speed Dial that auto-populates. I love it. If you can’t tell already, I love time-saving anything.

Bonus: Google also improved the “speed dial” page by including four search boxes (mine are history, Wikipedia, Diigo, and YouTube–are yours different?), recent bookmarks, and recently closed tabs.

The logo reminds me of Simon. I’ve never conquered it and I need to***.          

Resize text boxes on the fly. Developers make text boxes a certain size to make the page look pretty, but there are times when you need a bigger text box. Chrome lets you decide.          

Flexible tab locations. Need to detach a tab from the main window (so you can Alt+Tab back and forth, maybe)? Just click and hold, then drag the tab down. It becomes its own window. Need to put it back? Just click and hold, then drag it back. Easy peasy.

Like Google Chrome too? Tell us why in the comments.          

Google Chrome Links

Want to try out Google Chrome? Click here.
ZDNet thinks Google Chrome might crash and burn. Read it here.
Check out Google Blogoscoped Chrome FAQs.

Okay, that’s all about Chrome today. Stay tuned tomorrow when I will reveal the places where Chrome misses the mark for me. Now enjoy some…

Promised non-Google links

Morgan at Morgan Gets Thin has been losing weight by eating healthy and exercising—a true life-style change—for over a year now. She had a tough nine days at the end of August, but is now back on the wagon and eating healthy food. Enough of her readers (me included!) asked for a recipe she casually mentioned in a blog post that she shared it! I can’t wait to try it, but I haven’t seen any sweet potatoes here in Deutschland…
Vanilla is one of my favorite running bloggers, and this post is a great reason why! He’s funny and imaginative. I’ve “written” blog posts during runs before, but nothing as epic as this Dr. Seuss tribute. Take the time to read the whole thing. You’ll be glad you did!

*Along with millions of others
**Since I’m sadly missing what is I am sure 24-hour, ’round the clock, “BREAKING NEWS!!1” coverage that I would be privy to if I still lived on American soil.

*** Yes, it would be a great birthday or Chrismas present.

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  3. Linden

    13 Sep on 2008 at 23:22

    @roadtripreading: Yep, kill tabs and the whole separate processes thing is really great!

    @michelle j: Be sure to let me know how you like it! I’m glad you enjoy my weekly link day. I do it because I enjoy sharing links, but I’m really glad to hear that I’m not the only one!

  4. Michelle J

    12 Sep on 2008 at 16:03

    Hi i have not yet tried the google chrome but i want to!! Your review really helped me!!

    Love your tuesday link day!!!



  5. roadtripreading

    09 Sep on 2008 at 7:00

    It’s still lacking some major elements for me as well, but I really like the kill tabs feature. My office computer is ancient and I frequently lose all of firefox because one tab freezes.