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Berlin Marathon Race Report: Splits and Analyzation (Pt. 4)

I feel really great about my showing in my first marathon, but now it’s time to get down to the numbers. I’m not going to be doing any “coulda, shoulda, woulda.” My most basic goals were to do my best and finish the race, prove to myself that I can do it, and I did those things. I’ll be more critical next time around, when I actually do focus more on pace.

Let’s look at 5k splits first, then 10k splits.

5k Splits

0 – 5k: 32:32
5 – 10k: 33:05
10 – 15k: 34:10
15 – 20k: 32:54
20 – 25k: 35:22
25 – 30k: 36:00
30 – 35k: 34:40
35 – 40k: 35:24

10k Splits

0 – 10k: 1:05:37
10 – 20k: 1:07:40
20 – 30k: 1:11:22
30 – 40k: 1:10:04


Amazing, that’s all I have to say. I have never recorded such fast 10ks before, not even in training. I would love to run an actual 10k at the pace I ran the first 10k of this race. Not bad.

And the 5ks… They are more “all over the place.” The best was the first by 22 seconds, but I’ve run 3 miles considerably faster, so I’m pretty sure I can do a better 5k any time. Definitely not bad for the first 5k of a marathon, though!

Then there was a 36-minute 5k in there too, the 25 – 30 kilometers. As I said earlier, things are rather fuzzy in my brain during that time, so I was was obviously having a hard time of it. I’m kind of surprised that my last 5k wasn’t faster than the second-to-last, but that must be because I walked longer to encourage Denise (F546) at around kilometer 37.5ish, that’s the only thing I can figure there.

That faster second-to-last 5k is also a bit surprising because I am pretty sure the stop at kilometer 32 during which Rob re-secured my bib felt really long. Apparently it either wasn’t too fast, or I picked up my pace enough to offset the time. Or a combination of the two.

I think seeing these splits and thinking about what might have caused them will be important for my next marathon (whenever that will be…). They should help me figure out where I need to prepare for physical or mental weakness. Looks like I really need to be prepared from 20 to 30. I wonder if that’s normal. At the beginning and end, the excitement carries you, but in the middle you slow a little. Any marathoners reading this, please feel free to weigh in!

4 thoughts on “Berlin Marathon Race Report: Splits and Analyzation (Pt. 4)

  1. Linden

    03 Oct on 2008 at 18:48

    @kevin: So glad you enjoyed the race report! I really did have fun. Yours is comin up! It’ll be here before you know it…

    @zuzana: A 55 to 58 minute 10k?! You think so?? Cool… I was just aiming for 60 minutes, but I guess I have a new goal!

    Yep, I’m hooked. :)

    I didn’t do marathon pacing this time, but thanks to you, I now know how important that is. I will definitely do it next time. I’d love to shave 20 minutes of my time. I definitely feel like I am capable of that.

    Thanks for all of your encouragement and advice!

    @mac: I am proud! It was hard work but so much fun. What’s next?? The Diss (a.k.a. the dissertation, that’s kinda like a marathon, right?), then another marathon. :) Good to hear from you!

  2. Anonymous

    03 Oct on 2008 at 13:27

    Great job. That’s no small accomplishment and I really enjoyed reading your account of it. You should be proud.
    I suppose now the question is “what’s next?” Whatever it may be, I think you’ve shown you’ve got the grit to make it happen.
    Good luck and take care,

  3. Anonymous

    03 Oct on 2008 at 11:34

    First of all, congratulations! Thanks for resending me the link to your blog-I am so bad with keeping truck of all my friends’ blogs. In any case, looking at your splits, it’s clear to me that you had a perfect race. You did not start too fast and kept a steady pace-few “green” marathoners are able to do this. Yes, you’d suprise yourself running a 10k. I bet you could go about 55-58 minutes.

    I also had to smile when I saw you talk about the next marathon-before this one you were not sure you’d want to be thinking this way=but I just had a feeling you may get hooked :)))

    The way you get stronger for the 24-40 kilometer part is doing more marathon pacing in your training. If you do that, I predict you will run a sub 4:30 marathon next time around.

    In any case, enjoy your achievement and more importantly, your committment to a healthy way of living (never mind the food after the marathon-that’s my favorite part about running- you don’t have to worry so much about the food as you burn it off a lot more efficiently :)))!

    Zuzana Tomas

  4. Kevin

    02 Oct on 2008 at 17:17

    Linden, first off, awesome post. just awesome. and an awesome race. youve got a great eye for detail and it shows…im glad you finished and im glad you had fun and reading your post makes me want my marathon to get here so fast. how exciting.