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Post-September 28: What’s next?

Two weeks ago today, I became a marathoner, but what’s next? I was pretty sure that I would like running this type of race, but now I know that I do. However, I have a different type of marathon that I have to run right now, The Dissertation marathon (“The Diss”). Once I’ve crossed that finish line, I’ll be returning to the 26.2-mile variety. Maybe in the meantime, I can do some relays: Who’s with me?!

I’m a planner and a dreamer, so even though I know I won’t be trying to decide between Hal’s training plan and FIRST’s training plans, I’m still thinking about which marathons might be in my future. Here are the ones I’m considering and a brief reason why. If you see a race you’re interested in, just click on the marathon name to visit the official site.

“Near with Built-in Spectators” Marathons

Olathe Marathon Relay
Kansas :: Late May
While I was unsuccessfully training for my first marathon, I met Angie on the trail. She and her husband were training for Chicago too, and she told me about this marathon relay. Since then, I’ve always wanted to run it. Maybe post-marathon, pre-diss finish line, this’ll be a perfect race.

Kansas City Marathon
Kansas :: Mid-October
St. Louis Marathon
Missouri :: Mid-April
Tulsa Marathon (+Relay)
Oklahoma :: Mid-November
Mom’s family is from KC, Dad’s is from St. Louis, and my little bro is living in Tulsa! Heh-LO, spectators! (Plus, the Tulsa marathon also features a relay. I’m definitely going to need more than one relay if The Diss takes as long as I expect it will.)

“Near with Reasons” Marathons

Little Rock Marathon
Arkansas :: Mid-March
Thanks to Sarah, I found out about the marathon with the biggest medal. Evar. According to their FAQs, 2008’s medal was 6 1/4” tall and weighed more than a pound.

Chicago Marathon
Illinois :: Mid-October
I see the Chicago Marathon as my marathon-arch-nemesis. I will conquer it. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but someday, I will.

Springfield Marathon
Missouri :: Early November
Once upon a time, Sarah and I were training for the half-marathon in Springfield. Since I didn’t get to run that race, and because I love Springfield and grew up going to Bass Pro Shops (the sponsor of both half and full), I think I need to run at least the half-marathon, if not the full.

St. George Marathon
Utah :: Early October
Olympic marathoner extraordinaire, Zuzana Tomas, suggested I give the St. George Marathon a try when I want to PR. I just might have to take her up on that one day!

London Marathon
England :: Late April
I’ve been to London twice, including our two-day visit in March, and it’s a beautiful, historic city that I’d love to see from my sneakers.

“I Must Be Crazy” Marathons

Great Wall Marathon
Tianjin Province, China :: Mid-May
I’m sure this is an amazingly beautiful race, but it is hot, and part of the course consists of stairs on the Great frickin’ Wall of China. If you’re not convinced that it’s a tough race, check out the training tips. “Find the tallest hotel around – 10 to 20 stories is good.” Run that in the middle of a long run? Yep, borderline certifiable.

Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida :: Mid-January
“Aw, how cute! Walt Disney World has a marathon! Oh, and look! A half-marathon the day before!”

I blame Sarah for this one too. Sarah, how do you manage to get all these ideas stuck in my cranium? :)

In order to complete “Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge”, a runner must run the WDW half-marathon on Saturday. Then run the WDW on Sunday. And finish both. Gives me shivers just to think about. But here’s the weird thing: After having run my first marathon, I kinda think I could do this. I actually consider this more in the realm of possibility than the Great Wall Marathon.

What about you? I’m considering future goals and dreams. What goals and dreams are you considering? Are you aiming for them?

Why not?

7 thoughts on “Post-September 28: What’s next?

  1. Frayed Laces

    24 Oct on 2008 at 12:48

    Ha. I’m training for the Dissertation marathon. Don’t think I’ll BQ at that one!

  2. Linden

    15 Oct on 2008 at 15:51

    @lifestudent: Yeah, one of my best friends said she’ll run Kauai if she ever runs a marathon. I love your thinking, for sure! “Vacation + Marathon”! That’s a classic!

    I bet DC will be fun! Rob and I did some running around the Mall when we were there in September. We did about 4 miles in 75 minutes because we were stopping to take pictures/have pictures taken at all the monuments. Oh, and we did stair repeats at the Jefferson Memorial. :)

  3. lifestudent

    15 Oct on 2008 at 14:10

    Ideally? Honolulu or Cabo San Lucas. Vacation + Marathon = Months Of Training Worthwhile. But it looks like my buddies are doing DC in 09 ;)

  4. Linden

    14 Oct on 2008 at 12:09

    @nevardeath: I thought you’d like the idea of Tulsa. I’m pretty sure I’ll do at least the relay somewhat soon. Maybe you’ll want to take part?? Doesn’t the Great Wall one sound awesome?! I think I’d need to take a year off of life just to train for it though. :)

    You go for that dream! You’ll have to tell me about it on the phone sometime soon. *hint, hint* :) Sounds exciting.

    @topher: Oooh, thanks for the PR tip! I think you read all of my Berlin marathon posts… thinking about NOT having that awesome crowd support makes me a little nervous, but it will definitely make the Olathe marathon more challenging. I think one of the reasons Berlin felt so easy was the crowd support…

    Also glad to hear that St. George is recommended, and thanks for the diss encouragement!

    @beth: Really?! Wow. You’ll have to ask him/her about it for me! Get all the hairy details.

  5. Beth

    13 Oct on 2008 at 13:28

    There’s a teacher at the school who did the China Great Wall marathon! I would love to see that one!

    No marathons for me until I can walk down the street alone….

  6. Topher

    13 Oct on 2008 at 10:04

    Rumor has it that Olathe is a good one to PR at, as well, b/c it’s flat. Small crowd support at the end, but a lot of it runs through “farmland” so not much in terms of people along the way. That might be nice, though.

    Several of my wife’s siblings ran St. George and really liked it.

    Good luck with the diss’.

  7. nevarDeath

    12 Oct on 2008 at 11:26

    I think the Tulsa marathon is your best bet :Dthe great wall of china sounds AWESOME though.

    My current dream is the iPhone game I’m working on, it’ll be awesome, but I don’t want the idea out on the web in case someone else sees it and beats me to it :)