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Tuesdays with Linden’s Favorite Links | 7 October 2008

This week in Tuesdays with Linden’s Favorite Links we’re going wayback to July 2008 when Beth and James visited us. I was planning on blogging too, but we spent lots of time traveling with them and then when they were off exploring München (that’s “Munich” in German), the Rhine, Belgium, and the Netherlands, we were working. Plus, I think Beth and James, both of whom authored these posts, did a pretty good job covering our exploits. Why redo what’s already been done just fine? I know! So I didn’t.

(Listed in chronological order.)

German Joy: Beth and James’s first day in Deutschland
Give Us This Day: Beth writes about one of their (and our!) favorite things about Germany
German July 4th: Beth describes what will surely be one of the most unique Fourth of July celebrations we’ll ever experience (Now where are the videos from this day??)
Berlin Marathon Training in Stadtwald Giessen: 12 Weeks Out [PICTURES!]: This one’s from me, but it include a running sight-seeing trip that deserves to be mentioned as a part of the July Mildrens Fun Time.
Rhine-ing and Dining: Beth delishes over food and oohs and ahhs over scenery
An Ironically Slow Trip on the Autobahn: Weekend in Berlin, part 1: Let’s just say that James wasn’t the only traveler upset at the outcome of this trip
Post-Four Germany: A quick summary of their adventures after they left us from Beth
Munich: James tells us about the home of BMW and Oktoberfest
Prague Blog: Beth puts on her historian hat to introduce our vacay to Prague with lots of pictures
I am a Jelly Doughnut: A wonderfully memorable trip to Berlin narrated by Beth
Visiting the Pilsner Urquell brewery in Plzen, Czech Republic: Who better to relive the fun and educational trip to Plzen than James, resident beer connoisseur
Bone Chapel and Beyond: Capturing Kutná Hora: In the final European travel post, Beth takes us to a quaint Czech town I think we all fell in love with

Update: The Mildrens keep writing more posts, so I’ll keep updating as they do.
Ghent & the Summer Festival: James shares pictures and stories of their trip to Belgium at a great time of year.
Beautiful Brussels: Beth writes about architecture, food, and fun in Brussels.

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