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5 Blog Posts I Should Write (Or Not–You Decide!)

I have no idea what to write about. I spent about 25 minutes brainstorming and came up with several great post ideas (5 Phrases You Must Know If You’re Visiting Germany, 5+ German Dishes You Must Try If You’re Visiting Germany, 5 German “False Friends”), all Germany-related, which Google Analytics tells me that my readers like. But none of them were truly inspired. I might save them for another day, but honestly I don’t think any of these topics are very original, so I might not. Let me know in the comments what you think and want to read here on Linden’s Pensieve.

Since we celebrated Thanksgiving today with the Baileys, a natural post would be “Our German Thanksgiving,” but it was a pretty normal Thanksgiving day, different from what I’m used to, but pretty normal.

I have really enjoyed writing photo posts about German food and German graffiti because I love taking and sharing pictures, but I probably should have spread out the photo posts in NaBloPoMo better.

I even considered publishing a video post. I’ve been meaning to since FrayedLaces posted her first one, but if I don’t have anything to write in a post, why would I have anything to say in a post?

But this is NaBloPoMo. I can’t just not write a post today. Since I spent so much time brainstorming, I figure I’ll let you in on a few of my ideas. Some of these will never see the light of day, but maybe if you express interest, I’ll write it. Let me know in the comments.

5 Blog Posts I Should Write

  1. 5 HP Magical Concepts that I Wish We Muggles Could Use. I think the difficulty here would be limiting it to only five. Likelihood That I’ll Write It: Probably Will
  2. German Phrases You Won’t Learn in German Class. This would probably have some rated R phrases suitable only for married people, but that is what you get when you marry a German. Likelihood That I’ll Write It: Slim to None
  3. Just Keep Chasing Pavements: A Review of Adele’s 19. I love music and it is a big part of my life, but just as I learned after four years as an English lit major, I much prefer enjoying art to critiquing it. I have thought about reviewing this album, but I just don’t feel qualified. Whether I write this post or not, you should definitely check out Adele. Her voice is like butter. Likelihood That I’ll Write It: Maybe
  4. How to Start Running and Keep Running. This was a mystery to me before February 2005, but now I think I have enough experience to write it, as I’ve started and stopped several times in there, not to mention helping other people start running. And in anticipation of all you smart alecs out there, I don’t mean how to physically run. I mean how to get into the sport. Likelihood That I’ll Write It: Maybe
  5. How to Pass College Composition in 5 Easy Steps. I have helped approximately 420 students learn some important writing lessons, and I think this blog post would be a challenge. It would essentially be the 5 most important lessons students should take away from their “comp 1” class. Can I do it? Likelihood That I’ll Write it: Probably Will

Question of the Day

Which of the above posts would you most like to read and why?

4 thoughts on “5 Blog Posts I Should Write (Or Not–You Decide!)

  1. Lorraine

    01 Dec on 2008 at 7:21

    OOO! #1 is an awesome idea! …and I like #2: it doesn’t have to be racy. There are tons of great slang phrases they don’t teach in school. And I really love all the Gerglish phrases the Deutschers come up with. (nothing makes me giggle more than an English word in a slew of German ones…)

    • xgravity23

      02 Dec on 2008 at 22:42

      @Lorraine – I am considering doing #1 as a video post! And you’re right that #2 could be clean, but I have to admit, the first 5 things that pop in my head aren’t, and I repeat: hazard of being married to a German. :) Maybe I could do a password-protected racy version, and an open clean version, including those great Gerglishisms… Hey, maybe that’s a guest post you can write for me!

  2. Beth

    30 Nov on 2008 at 16:13

    1. YES
    2. email me
    3. Sure, why not? I’ve never heard of Adele. I’ll ceck it out. That’s Cara’s sister’s name!
    4. Abolutely
    5. I’d read it.

    My vote? #1 for fun or #4 for motivation.

    • xgravity23

      02 Dec on 2008 at 22:34

      @Beth – Ha ha, this is exactly what I was hoping for! Have you checked out Adele? She’s awesome.