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Guest Post on Blogger’s Guide: Five More WordPress Plugins to Simplify Your Blogging

Today, I’ve done my blogging over at Blogger’s Guide—you can read my article, “Five More WordPress Plugins to Simplify Your Blogging,” by clicking here. Since you, my faithful readers, came here first, I’m going to give you two extra WordPress plug-ins that I love, but couldn’t justify including in my guest post.

  1. FD Feedburner: If you’re using Feedburner to manage your blog’s RSS feeds (and you should be), this WordPress plugin will give you finer control over your hosted blog’s feeds. FD Feedburner does some behind-the-scenes hocus-pocus to seamlessly connect the built-in feed to your Feedburner feed, no coding, no writing to your .htaccess file. Why not?
  2. Highlight Author Comments: In my guest post, I mention two plugins that help build community on your blog by making it easy for readers to follow the comments on a post and by making it easy for you, the author, to respond to them. This plugin sweetens the deal by making your comments stand out from the reader comments. See it in action on an active post,

Five Things I Thought Today

  1. How can I take a nap and still finish preparing for class?*
  2. Am I a teacher? Or an actor?
  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Face is So. Cold. while riding my bike to school and back today**
  4. I’ll see how much I can clean off my desk in 15 minutes. 15 minutes later Awesome! Every thing is filed and my desk is completely clean!
  5. I really don’t want to write my NaBloPoMo post today. I just want to sleep. checks email Oh look! Sarah‘s posted my guest post! Sweet!

Question of the Day

What made your day today?

* I couldn’t.
** I am committed to riding my bike to work every day this winter, even if my nose does freeze off!

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