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Reader Poll: How Long Will the Dr. Pepper Last?

I got up (waaay too early) this morning to proctor a test for the husband of my students. She’s German and he’s American, ex-military, taking internet classes from a community college back in his homestate of Mississippi. I must have mentioned during a conversation with my student that I liked Dr. Pepper, because they bought me a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper as a “Thank you!” for proctoring his test. I already had one can as a reward for getting up so early, so there are 11 left. Now it’s your turn: How long do you think I’ll be able to make them last? And remember, I’m trying to avoid caffeine. Or at least too much caffeine.

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4 thoughts on “Reader Poll: How Long Will the Dr. Pepper Last?

  1. Topher

    16 Nov on 2008 at 4:16

    @xgravity23 – I was in Japan for two years as a missionary for my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). I was also there in high school as an exchange student. I love that place, but I haven’t been back in about 12 years. I was also THIS close to going to Germany for some training with work a few years back, but my director told me at the last minute they couldn’t find the $$ in the budget and I couldn’t go. I told a co-worker my bad news a few days later and he said “What? Really? That’s weird because she just called me in about an hour ago and asked if my passport was current because there was a last-minute opening in the workshop in Germany and I leave next week.” OH I WAS SO.DANG.MAD.

    Sorry, that’s more than you asked, but I thought I’d mention my only almost-been-to-Germany story.

    • xgravity23

      19 Nov on 2008 at 19:57

      @Topher – Cool! I hope Rob and I can make it there someday.

      Re: Germany?! That sucks! Why couldn’t they just be honest and say, “Sorry, we need to send so-and-so because… ” So you’ve never been then? It’s definitely a place to put on your “Must Visit” list!

      And don’t ever apologize for writing to much in a comment! Not a problem at all! :D

  2. Topher

    13 Nov on 2008 at 18:57

    Am I safe in assuming that you can’t find Dr. Pepper at the local market in Germany? When I lived in Japan, I would stock up on root beer whenever I’d get by the international market in the heart of the embassy district. I’d ration them out as long as I could. I don’t care for root beer anymore; nope, it’s caffeine-free Diet Dr Pepper for me. Didn’t know they make caffeine-free Dr P products, did ya?! It’s the BEST! I’ll think of you next time I have one (in about an hour from now with my lunch).

    • xgravity23

      13 Nov on 2008 at 23:10

      @Topher – I didn’t know you lived in Japan! What did you do there? I wouldn’t mind a nice, frothy root beer float right now. Mmm…

      It is available here, but it tastes different. Since this DP came from a military base, it’s all American! Thanks for rubbing it in Topher. *humph* Well, I hope you enjoyed your caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper. I’ll enjoy another DP in about a week, I guess. *sigh*