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Tuesday with Linden’s Favorite Links: Top Pensieve Posts | 13 Jan 2009

I’ll be writing several posts looking back to 2009 this month (have you read my Top 10 Songs post yet?), and today we’ll revisit some of the best posts on Linden’s Pensieve.

Now, “best” is quite a subjective word. I mean, there are unfounded bests (it’s just a black dress–nothing exciting) and bests we don’t care about (although I’m not making light of personal hygiene). So let me take a few seconds to define how I mean “best” in the context of this post.

The best posts on my blog are the ones that I loved writing the most, that mean the most to me, that sparked the most interesting conversation in the comments, and the ones you viewed the most. That last category is the least subjective, as I use Google Analytics to tell me which posts you viewed the most.

Here they are, in chronological order.

  1. Google Analytics Step One: Begin Tracking This series is still very popular despite being written in February, and I had fun writing it.
  2. England Day 3: Liverpool FC Game! My favorite day in England and easily the most popular post in our England trip series.
  3. Can You Sum Up Your Entire Life in Six Words? I easily spent hours work on my six-word memoir, and it also seems to be a rather popular post, perhaps because of the popularity of the six-word memoir meme?
  4. Let’s Spend Some Time, Love: A Review of Death Cab for Cutie’s Narrow Stairs I love the album and I love having Rob guest post about music. I’ll see what I can do to make it happen more often.
  5. Diigo: Paper-and-pen Mark-up Meets Web 2.0 As I say in the post, Diigo has the changed the way I interact with the web, so writing this post was enjoyable, and it’s turned out to be relatively popular, too.
  6. Marathon Inspiration Some great advice from my fellow runners and running bloggers which still touches me.
  7. Berlin Marathon Race Report: Starting Line to Km 14 (Pt. 1) My first marathon race report, need I say more? It was a life-changing experience, the training and all, so reflecting on it after all those miles was fulfilling.
  8. Should I Stay or Should I Go: The Election Night Party One of my favorite lists from NaBloPoMo. And it came early…
  9. How to Go from Computer Confused to Software Savvy in 5 Easy Steps This was an inspired post that attracted classroom use at my alma mater and spawned a related guest post.
  10. Why I Shouldn’t Start Smoking (Even Though I’ve Been Wanting To) This post was really hard to write because I knew would actually be publishing it (thanks to NaBloPoMo), but it was cleansing and helped me to deal with my smoking urges, both through the act of writing and through the great comments and support I got from my friends because I published the post.

Did one of your favorite posts not make it on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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