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Rome Quick-Blog Day 1

I’m going to try to quick-blog Rome in 250 words a day (or less!). Here goes.

Best piece of advice: buy your Metro tickets at a Tabacchio. We waited maybe 2 minutes and were able to get right on our train.

Not as easy finding the hotel, but we did with only one turn around. We hit the jackpot with Residence Candia. I think we’re paying 80 EUR per night and the room is small but packed with value: Recently renovated with lots of IKEA stuff, a fully stocked kitchenette, armoir, nice TV, and spotty but functional Internet connection. It’s right outside of the Vatican. Nice.

We showered, then headed out. Found a gelataria pretty quickly and ate our first gelato of the night (check my Twitter profile for a link to a pic, if I can get it to work), then strolled towards an illuminated castle. Turns out it was a museum for Sant’ Angelo (?), but we also got some great shots of what I think is St. Peter’s Basilica at night.

We had seen a local coming out of a pizzeria as we headed out and decided that would be the perfect dinner, so we ordered two (one for breakfast!): one with mushrooms and the other with pepperoni and roasted peppers.

Now it’s time for bed because we have an early morning tomorrow: The Colosseum is first on our agenda. Buono Notte!

2 thoughts on “Rome Quick-Blog Day 1

  1. Beth

    24 Apr on 2009 at 21:20

    How was the flight? Your room sounds AWESOME! When will you post pictures, my dear? Let me know when they’re up on Picasa! …did you have to pay for the items in the fully stocked kitchenette? I’m assuming you mean food. Can you see the Vatican from your window? WOW!

    • xgravity23

      23 May on 2009 at 21:08

      @Beth: The flight was smooth. The room was fully stocked with everything you’d need to prepare food (but no food). I mean, everything. This place had whatever you would need for a comfortable stay. Even a shoe horn. I mean, what hotel makes sure you have a shoe horn?!

      Nope, couldn’t see the Vatican because our window was on the inside of the building. All we could see was the little courtyard.