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Rome Quick-Blog Day 2

This is my second day of quick blogging our trip in Rome in 250 words or less.

Great day! We started off early at the Colosseum and pretty much had it to ourselves. Then we went across the street to the Palantine Hill and Roman Forum. Some great ruins! We spent most of the morning strolling around this area.

When we had seen all that we could (including a tree being cut down and the whole “Timber!!” thing), we left the Forum area and had to re-orient ourselves. We found the Vittorio Monument and climbed all the stairs to the top. I even went a little further up to the panorama viewing level and got a GREAT panoramic shot.

It was lunch time then. I had 4-cheese pizza (it was okay, but nothing to write home about) and Rob had his favorite—spaghetti Bolognese (very good). Then, gelato of course! I had two scoops (lemon and red berries) and Rob had Kinder cereali. Um, mine was amazing. Better than lunch, now that I think about it.

Next, we went to a church (something about St. Mary?) and it was pretty amazing. Then we headed back toward our hotel so that we could go grocery shopping and have a quick siesta. That rejuvenated us quite well and our feetsies thanked us.

Then it was back out to Piazza del Popola, the Spanish Steps, and more amazing churches. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a French service with acapella singing and a guy practicing the organ for a concert later tonight. (I got short videos of both.)

We ended the night with more gelato (hazelnut, so creamy) and pizza (mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, and mozzarella, eat-there-again-GOOD). Now it’s time for a shower and sleep. Buono notte!

4 thoughts on “Rome Quick-Blog Day 2

  1. Beth

    24 Apr on 2009 at 21:23

    I am SO GLAD you are eating gelato at least twice a day. The good doctor recommends more, I believe…. ;) How were there not more tourists at the coliseum?! I imagine it packed 24/7. thanks for writing home ’bout the pizzizzle.

    • xgravity23

      23 May on 2009 at 21:06

      @Beth: We had tickets for 9:00, right when they open! We had it to ourselves pretty much and didn’t have to wait in line at all. It was great! I think another reason it wasn’t so busy was because this is still the off-season.

  2. lifestudent

    07 Apr on 2009 at 23:12

    Two things:
    1) I envy your life
    2) When you say “nothing to write home about”, but post it on your blog, you are essentially writing home (or, to the world) about it :)

    (did I mention my envy?)

    • xgravity23

      18 Apr on 2009 at 21:31

      [Written in Rome but it wouldn’t post.]

      @lifestudent: 1) There are some things I envy about your life. Sure, I’m enjoying all the great gelato now (and believe me, I AM enjoying it!), but there really aren’t that many great treats waiting for me when we move back to Springfield. You live in a city with awesome food everywhere, not to mention the great cupcakes you always tease us with on your blog! Not that 2) I’m glad you caught that. The irony was intended. ;)