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True Beginner’s Guide to Twitter: Other Twitter Tools and Resources

Today’s post, the final in our series, is a collaborative effort by Sarah (@sarahjoaustin) and me (@xgravity23). In this post, you’ll learn how to Twitter on the web, at your desk, and on the go. If you’ve been out of the loop, check out Monday’s post on the basic Twitter functions, Tuesday’s post on advanced Twitter functions, and yesterday’s post on using Twitter on the web, at your desk, and on the go.

We learn about new Twitter tools and resources every day, but there are so many, you can easily become overwhelmed. We’ve categorized them by function and given them a brief description. We hope you’ll find them useful, too.

Analyzing Your Twitter Profile

  • Mr. Tweet: Discover recommended tweeple based on your current connections.
  • Retweetist: Find out how often you are retweeted
  • TweetStats: Tells you when you tweet most, who you @ reply to most, and your most-tweeted words.
  • Twitter Grader: Find out where you rank among all tweeple.
  • Twitalyzer: Measure your impact and success in Social Media.
  • WeFollow: Tag your Twitter profile with keywords so other like-minded tweeple can follow you.

Managing and Interacting with People

  • MyCleenr: Find out the people you are following who aren’t using Twitter any more. Tell you how long ago in years and days since they last tweeted and lets you delete right from their interface.
  • Tweepler: Sort through your new followers, view their last few tweets, and make an educated decision as to whether to follow them in return.
  • Tweeto’clock: Find out when it’s best to tweet someone to get a response.
  • Twimailer: Get more information directly in your inbox when someone follows you.
  • Twitoria: Just like MyCleanr, find out the people you are following who aren’t using Twitter any more. Tells you the how long ago in days it was they last tweeted and displays their profile information.
  • Twitter Karma: Displays mutual Twitter relationships, tweeple you are following but who haven’t reciprocated, and who follows you but you haven’t reciprocated.
  • Twitter User Classify: This Greasemonkey script puts a color-coded bar at the top of each Twitter profile to tell you that user’s following to follower ratio.

Sharing Photographs

While Twitter is a text-only medium, once again, its open programming platform allows the flexibility of tweeting photographs with tools like TwitPic. Simply login to TwitPic with your Twitter information; upload a photo; add some tags, a location, and a message; and click Post It. TwitPic will tweet a link to your photo and your message to your Twitter account.



Staying Productive

In addition to the items listed above, the article “HOW TO: Live Inside Twitter and Still Stay Productive ” from Mashable lists some other useful productivity tools.

Staying Informed

  • CNN: Get top news stories from CNN.com.
  • Favotter: Stay on top of what other tweeple are calling their favorites.
  • NPR: News Get top news stories from National Public Radio.
  • TwtPoll: Poll other tweeple and get instant results.
  • Tweet Congress: Follow your Congress-tweeple or sign a petition to get them on Twitter.

Sarah’s Essential People to Follow

  • @BabyDots: A personal friend with an Etsy store. Lots of links to her unbelievably cute children’s clothes.
  • @ChurchTechie: Author of The Reason Your Church Must Twitter. Lots of new Twitter tools and resources, especially for ministry.
  • @Coldplay: Updates from the crew and band while they’re on tour and on the go.
  • @NBCOlympics: Busiest when Olympics are in progress but provides athlete news year-round.
  • @MowgliAustin and @handsomeRav: My cats. They’re full of snarky comments and requests for tuna.
  • @tweeples_guide: Shameless plugging. This is the account I use to share Twitter-related articles and tips.

Linden’s Essential People to Follow

  • @HotDogsLadies: Random, snarky tidbits from the life of Merlin Mann.
  • @OzarksRedCross: Shares info on upcoming events, training, and when necessary, emergency information. Look for your own local Red Cross here.
  • @Rosso: Techie, photographer, cook, traveler, and writer. If you know me, it’s pretty obvious why I like her tweets from that description
  • @MollyDotCom: Frequently hilarious posts from a CSS/Opera maven who loves her cats.
  • @Naveed17 and @Stella_Kay: My cats. They don’t tweet a lot (okay, not ever) right now because they live with someone else until September, but as soon as they are ours again, they’ll be the most tweetenest cats you ever did meet.
  • @Problogger: Lots of links for bloggers and tweeters, plus interesting tweets about his life in Australia.
  • @PenelopeTrunk: As far as I can tell, Trunk is the master of telling an entire story in those 140 characters. You can learn a lot about efficient tweeting from following her.

Recommended Blogs & Articles

We hope you’ve enjoyed our True Beginner’s Guide to Twitter! We’d love to have you follow us on Twitter: @sarahjoaustin and @xgravity23.

Stay posted for information on the eBook we’re publishing sometime next week. In the meantime, if you missed them, be sure to check out Monday’s post on Twitter basics, Tuesday’s post on advanced Twitter functions, and Wednesday’s post on using Twitter on the web, at your desk, and on the go.

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    This is awesome!! Thanks! I love that it catalogs it all the way to the beginning of March.

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    Excellent series, guys! Can’t wait for the eBook! One question: are there any webapps that let you see how often you are RT-ed? Just curious what @aigakc’s stats would be so I could share with our board, but haven’t been able to find anything.

    • xgravity23

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      @Lorraine: Thanks for the reminder! I had completely forgotten about Retweetist, which I’ve added above. But this link is for you especially. :)

      And I’m doubly glad to hear that you enjoyed the series, since you were part of the inspiration for it!