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10k Training in Stadtwald Giessen: 27/28 May 2009

Ah, running season. We kinda took October until April off because Germany had a really cold winter and we agreed at the beginning of this German adventure to spend any and all extra money on vacations to London/Liverpool, Prague/Kutna Hora/Plzen, and Rome instead of things like gym memberships, cars, new clothes, food, and any other things that aren’t absolute non-essentials.

So now that we are seeing consistent temps above 40, we are running again, and it’s great! We even signed up for a 10k in Berlin on August 22, the 10k Champions Run, which is part of the 12th IAAF World Championship in Athletics. I don’t know why, but one of my huge running motivators isn’t a cute new dress or skinny jeans–as much as I enjoy those things. The thing that will get me off my butt and into my trainers better than anything is having a race on the calendar.

Speaking of trainers, one of the running stores in Giessen, Runners Point, had a huge 25% off EVERYTHING sale a few weeks ago. We went shopping. Rob and I both got new shoes (Nike Free 3.0, Rob’s red and mine pink on white), and I got a new pair of running shorts and a cute hoodie-type top. Later on, we found a cute running skirt* for 10 EUR that perfectly matched the shoes. I couldn’t pass it up, as I have been wanting to try one out since I heard about them from Vanilla.

I have to admit, I felt very self-conscious when I donned it for the first time yesterday, but I took a picture for you, dear readers** so that you could see for yourself.

Linden in new running outfit

One thing I noticed almost immediately about running–for the first time–in a color coordinated outfit which includes a running skirt is that you stand out. People on our Fußgängerzone  we live on were staring at me. It made me want to look more like a real runner in more ways that just my dedication to looks cute on the trail, and I blame my fast 3 mile time on the new outfit. Maybe I should have waited until right before the 10k to get the new outfit, or maybe I just discovered the best way to improve my time. Women, who’s with me? BTW: My goal for the 10k Champions Run is 60 minutes. That would be my fastest 10k time ever.

Okay, one last bit of news to squeeze in. Now that I am running again, I will have a reason to use the ProWash detergent I was asked to review a way long time ago. I was super excited to be asked to review this stuff, which is specially made to treat the stench that athletic gear gets. I don’t know why, but my Enell (aka The Oprah Bra) gets a stink that could rival a 6-year-old jock strap. I don’t know if it’s the synthetic materials or if my boobs just have their own particular brand of stink, but I don’t like it. If Pro Wash works like it says it does, I’ll be one happy runner. Stay tuned for a full review and a giveaway!

Okay, time for the stats. I’ll be updating these daily, like The Other Sarah does with her workouts. Hopefully that’ll keep me on my toes!

27 May 2009

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 28m57s
Pace: 9:39 m/mi
Notes: I haven’t run in a couple weeks, so this started off as an “easy 3 miler.” But I found my groove early on and we were booking it. I started to feel it after about 1.75 miles, but I think that was just my inevitable “hit the half-way mark” slump. I don’t like this mental trap, and I need to get over it. It’s a killer.

28 May 2009

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 55m
Pace: 11 m/mi
Notes: We did some fartleks and I think that’s the only reason I finished in 55 minutes today. I have got to get a new inhaler. But I kinda don’t want to go to the doctor. So I’m just going to deal with it and hope the pollen goes away soon.

* I later discovered that it is actually a tennis skirt, but I don’t care.

** I actually took the picture to email to my running partner to make sure that she will still want to be seen in public with me. Thankfully, she does. Galloway Rock, here I come!

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