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10k Training in Stadtwald Giessen: 30 May 2009

Distance: 5mi
Time: 1h1m55s
Pace: 12:23
Notes: This was not a good run. And to all you new runners who might be reading this, remember this: You will have bad days running just like you have bad hair days. Run it off so you can get to the good running day.

Now for the story. It started when we bought chili peppers at Toom. All of this could have been avoided if we hadn’t made that one poor choice. Oh well.

Later, Rob was prepping the veggies for our risotto when he got to the peppers. I (dumbly) challenged him to take a bite of one. “What’ll you give me if I do?” he retorted. I told him that if he did it, I would do it. He took a bite, and then it was my turn. Please note that he started at the end, the side farthest away from the part of the pepper that was attached to the stalk. Rob hadn’t acted like the pepper was too hot, so I wasn’t too worried.

Let’s take a moment to talk about my and Rob’s tolerance for spicy foods. I am a wimp. As soon as something is slightly spicy, I start inhaling sharply (the air seems to help?), crying, and fanning my mouth. Rob is a bit better. He doesn’t complain about the spiciness in his mouth too much, but he starts sweating. If it wasn’t too hot for him, it would be kind of hot for me, I reasoned.

I took a bite–probably about 1.25″–and started chewing. But then I started coughing. “Really?!” Rob said, almost laughing. Then I started crying uncontrollably. And then squealing all the way to the kitchen and the milk carton.

Apparently, the part Rob tasted wasn’t very spicy. It was the tip of the pepper, and there weren’t any seeds. He was genuinely surprised that I my tongue was experiencing what incineration is like.

The milk helped some, but as soon as I stopped drinking it, the burn returned. It felt like someone had taken sandpaper to one side of my tongue, the side of my mouth that I had chewed the pepper on. So I drank more milk and just sloshed it around in my mouth for a few seconds before swollowing. At first this seemed to not be doing anything at all. So I grabbed a slice of Gouda and just let it melt on my tounge. Nothing. More milk. Some pretzels and curry dip. I don’t advise using anything salty to cure a spicy tongue.

Finally, it was a bowl of Sahne Kefir with corn flakes mixed in that soothed the pain. Thank goodness.

This little fiasco took place about an hour before we ran, so my tummy was full of milky stuff. I felt like I was running with a fake pregnant belly strapped on to me. Then, after about 2.75 miles, a serial killer sliced my shoulder, from the base of my neck to the place where my should bone starts. Well, not really, but that is what the pain felt like. I finally stopped and just stretched it. That helped ease that pain and it finally went away. At this point, I just told Rob that today’s run was destined to be a bad one and he finished at his own pace while I just kept keepin’ on. I was determined not to walk, and I didn’t. But I got side splits at about 4 miles.

I made some poor, poor food choices today, but we’re having some good carbs tonight and I won’t be snacking on any peppers tomorrow, so hopefully our 7 miler will go down without a hitch. Here’s hopin’.

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