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Linden vs. Tuesday

In the rich tradition of Katy vs. Wednesday and Sarah vs.  Monday, Linden enters the ring with Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 5, was a pretty icky day for Linden. In the end, Tuesday won, but not without a fight. Here’s our match breakdown.

8:45, door buzzer. It’s the Schornsteinfeger (“chimney sweepers”). They are both wearing cute-as-a-button old-fashioned looking suits. The older, rosy cheeked one even had a top hat on. The younger one was just cute, and I learn a new German word. Tuesday 0, Linden 1.

9:15, bike accident. The rider in front of me slowed down, then darted left. I hit my brakes just as she feinted left, but it wasn’t enough. Our tires overlapped and I hit the ground. Technically, this should give Tuesday a thousand million points, but our game doesn’t work that way so it stands: Tuesday 1, Linden 1.

9:16, bike accident: aftermath. Handlebars turned 180 degrees, but I fixed it (I win). Front brake handle completely snapped off (Tuesday win). Front light askew, but still working (tie). My favorite ring (the infamous “ridiculously redundant Rome ring”) is broken (Tuesday win). Tuesday 3, Linden 2.

11:40, forgotten quiz. While making copies, I remember that I have “promised” my students a Common Errors quiz today and that I had forgotten to make it up and copy it. Tuesday 4, Linden 2.

11:45, quiz fiasco recovered. Luckily, the quiz is fairly easy to put together, so after a few frantic moments and some deep breaths, the quiz is printing and I am calm again. Who needs a copier when you have a laser jet printer in your office! Tuesday 5, Linden 3.

11:48, minor quiz fiasco. Unfortunately, I just told the printer to print 37 copies. Not 37 copies of the first page only (I put the answer key on page 2 and some of it had spilled onto page 3). Tuesday 6, Linden 3.

11:53, bike accident: aftermath part deux. I finally found myself with a few minutes to breathe and I notice a throbbing pain in  my right knee and elbow. In both places, the tender top layer of skin was scraped off in my bike accident and scabs have developed. Tuesday 7, Linden 3.

12:20, paper cut. My students are taking a Common Error quiz. I am arranging my notes when a sheet of paper jumpts out and bites me, and it’s a bleeder! Tuesday 8, Linden 3.

12:21, remembered items. I go to my office (which is conveniently right next door to the room where 5 of 6 of my classes are this semester) to get a Tempo to stop the bleeding and realize I forgot the time notification cards and voice recorder I will need during student speeches. Tuesday is foiled again! Tuesday 8, Linden4.

14:23, paper cut part deux. Same scenario as before, second round. And I lost. Again. Tuesday 9, Linden 4.

20:15, first* eBook published. Sarah and I get together online, put the finishing touches on our eBook, “A True Beginner’s Guide to Getting the Most Out of Twitter,” and publish it almost five weeks after our series of the same name posted. Tuesday 9, Linden 5.

Nothing else eventful happened the rest of the day–thank goodness. Tuesday kicked my butt this week, and so early in the day! I made a few late points, but it wasn’t enough to take the victory from this wretched day. And only now–two days later–am I able to reflecton it with any amount of fairness.

* I am not promising that there will be a second, but just in case, ya know?

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