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10k Training in Stadtwald Giessen: 2x 28 Jun 2009

So you might have noticed that I did not post a running log yesterday. We had an engagement in the evening 4 miles away, and seeing as how we do not have a car and want to get exercise, we rode our bikes there. In the end, we got 8 miles of exercise yesterday. It just wasn’t running. :)

First Run

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 44:22
Pace: 11:06
Notes: Ugh. I just wasn’t feeling it this time. We walked for 90 seconds right before mile 4 started because my skin was tingly and I started see dots–dehydration?

Second Run

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 28:22
Pace: 9:27
Notes: Ah, much better! I pretty much napped all afternoon. I was listening to an audiobook while we watched Spain play South Africa in the Confed Cup, and since it’s Sunday afternoon, I just allowed myself to drift in and out of consciousness and it was great. So by the time we went for our second run, I was ready! We pushed it, and my legs complained, but when we finished in less than 30 minutes, I was happy!

2 thoughts on “10k Training in Stadtwald Giessen: 2x 28 Jun 2009

  1. Kevin

    29 Jun on 2009 at 2:33

    Ahh, you are picking up the training again. Nice job.

    • xgravity23

      29 Jun on 2009 at 16:02

      @Kevin: I am! I do not know what has been going on with me, but I just have not wanted to run at all lately! Hopefully the looming race and the good feeling after this weekend of double-run days will solve that…