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10k Training in Stadtwald Giessen: 4 Jun 2009

Distance: 2x 1mile
Time: 8:10 and 10:19
Pace: 8:10 and 10:19
Notes: Today was our first day of speed work and it wasn’t too bad. The wind was blowing pretty hard on the far side of the track. When we left the house for a short warm-up jog the half-mile (in 6:21) to the track, I wasn’t really sure what my goal was for this mile. I was thinking 10 minutes at the worst, since I ran 3 miles in 28:57 (9:39 pace). By the time I started (after Rob), I had decided that I wanted to slightly increase my time, go for negative splits.

Wasn’t quite successful, though, but that’s okay because I totally killed the overall pace! Here are my splits.

And because I’m so proud of Rob’s time, I’m going to post his too. He did his mile in 6:06.97!

After walking and stretching, we did a second mile in 10:19. Look at the first and second splits!

Last bit about today’s run: I bought the app MultiTrack StopWatch Timer for $1.99, used to track our splits, and I am really pleased. If you are looking for a good timer, this is it. My biggest complaint is that you cannot email or delete the history.

In other news, we had been weighing ourselves in our hallway where we have also been weighing the boxes we are sending back to America. The hallway floor is not level or something, because when we took the scale back into the bathroom where the floor is firm, we both weighed about 4 pounds less than we had just yesterday. I guess that’s why the packaging on every scale tells you to use it on level ground. Hmm. Guess I didn’t gain as much weight over Christmas, in Rome, and during our sedentary winter as I thought!

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