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10 km Champions Run: Post-Race Quick Blog [PICTURES]

I’m pooped! But I have enough left in me for a post filled mostly with photos. :) But before we get to the pictures, let me report on our times.

Rob: 48:46 (171st place in his class)
Linden: 1:06:24 (251st place in my class)

We’re both happy with our results. Not too bad for as little training as we did, but I guarantee you that I am going to be really sore tomorrow. I can already feel it…

So now, to the pictures!

Rob at Beginning

Here's Rob at the beginning (look in the middle of the frame)

Rob at finish

And Rob right before the finish. In this picture, he is actually under the Brandenburger Tor!

Linden at finish

Here I am, right before the finish!

Us at Hauptbahnhof

Happy to be finished and changed (at Berlin Hauptbahnhof)


Linden and the new U55 (Berlin)

Next, we rode the brand new (itty bitty) U55

Linden, mascot, and Bolt arms

Before we headed to our post-race Hooters (maybe you should make it your own, LifeStudent! It was DELISH! 10 wings, 5 hot, 5 3 Mile Island!), I had to take a picture with the Leichtathletik WM/World Championships in Athletics mascot. Oh, you know I had to do Bolt arms with him!

2 thoughts on “10 km Champions Run: Post-Race Quick Blog [PICTURES]

  1. Beth

    23 Aug on 2009 at 20:03

    I love these pics, Linden! Especially the ones of you finishing Berlin (GREAT SHOT!) and the last pic ofo you withh the berlin bear! I can’t believe Rob was a good enough sport to snap that. James would’ve balked!! ha!

    • xgravity23

      25 Aug on 2009 at 20:18

      Thanks! Gert took most of them, except that Berlin/Leichtathletik Bear one. I wanted him to be in it with me, but I’ll settle for him being the photographer! :)