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How to Eliminate Persistent Odor from Your Running Clothes

This is my first video blog. After Frayed Laces and Sarah started doing them, I wanted to as well. But I don’t really like my recorded voice and there’s a reason I write and not video blog normally. Despite all that, I have wanted to do a video blog and this topic seemed like a perfect in to my video blogging. I upload all my videos to Vimeo*, which you can find at the Easy URL http://LindenAMueller.com/videos.

Video Blog: ProWash Review from Linden A. Mueller on Vimeo.

I am not pretty when I run. Almost instantly, my face turns bright red. In grad school, thanks to Phil and his dead-pan humor, it earned me the nickname “Cap’n” (from “Capillary Face”) . Then there’s the sweat. I am a salty sweater, and you can see it also in my face. After a run, my face has white powder on it, below my eyes and all over my cheeks. And all that sweat stinks!

Then there’s the problem that I am *ahem* well-endowed in the chest area. That is one factor that kept me from running for most of my life because when a girl like me runs, they bounce. Now, I know the guys like that, but let me tell you: it is not comfortable. So when I heard about “Oprah’s bra,” the Enell bra, I had to try it out. It is specially designed for big-breasted women doing high-impact sports. I bought one, and it was good. But it holds the stank more than any of my other technical clothing, and that is not good!

Then, last fall, I got an offer to try some ProWash, a laundry detergent designed especially for athletes and their technical, man-made fiber clothing that holds in the smell of all those miles, pounds, or reps. They mailed me samples (all the way to Germany!) in exchange for trying it and writing a blog post about it. It took me longer than I–and I’m sure they–wanted, but it was a long, cold winter and we didn’t have a gym membership, so we didn’t really run again until April.

When I finally got to try the ProWash on my Enell bra and all of our running clothes, I was pretty happy. See, before a wash, this bra STINKS! After, it smells better but still… sour. Not moldy sour, but just not like freshly-washed clothing should smell. After a ProWash cycle, the bra smells clean. A bit soapy, but clean. If it can make my Enell bra smell fresh, I know it will work wonders on any persistently stinky athletic clothing!

ProWash comes in a stand-up pouch instead of a bottle, and while the pouch–like many environmentally friendly initiatives I’ve encountered–isn’t as easy to use as a bottle, I love seeing companies move in this direction; they do it because it reduces waste and a couple other factors which you can read more about on their website. We’ll be bringing back lots of canvas bags that we’ll take to Wal-mart with us for shopping, we’re considering getting a moped as one of our vehicles, and I want to try making our own recycled kitty litter, but big companies have to make changes for any significant impact on the environment. I think perhaps the addition of some sort of handle or well-placed hole will make handling the ProWash pouch easier and will make this green-hearted runner a little happier with the product.

So, are you an athlete with stinky technical clothing who wants to try some ProWash for free too? Well, you’re in luck! Since we are moving back to America soon, there is no way that we will be able to use up the rest of the ProWash pouch we’ve opened, and there is still another unopened pouch. To earn a chance to win that extra pouch I have, you need to do two simple things.

  1. Tell your running friends about this post so they can have a chance to win some free ProWash too! Post a link to this blog post anywhere on the Internet: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, your own blog, etc.
  2. Leave a comment with a link to your post. Be sure to enter a valid email address in the email field when you leave your comment. That is the address I’ll use to contact the winner!

Do all that by Friday Monday at midnight (CST), and you’re name will be in the drawing to win a free pouch of ProWash! (One entry per person, please!)

I hope you enjoyed my fist video blog! Let me know if you have any questions about ProWash in the comments!

Extra Note: You should be able to find ProWash in Wal-mart, but since I’m not in America at the moment, I can’t confirm that myself.

*I have always had trouble uploading to YouTube, and Vimeo is easy to use and actually looks good too.

5 thoughts on “How to Eliminate Persistent Odor from Your Running Clothes

  1. lifestudent

    28 Aug on 2009 at 21:49

    First, you have to be some sort of mathematician to get past your spam protection. I had to think about “four + seven” for a while ;)

    Also, the video blogging is cool. I’d never do it personally, but Brooke does some video blogging. She is much cuter than I am.

  2. Beth

    26 Aug on 2009 at 20:43

    PSS Did you get your tongue pierced recently?! Where? When? Why? by who? Where’s that blog post?!?! Did I miss it??? !!!!!

    • xgravity23

      27 Aug on 2009 at 17:37

      @Beth: Well, it looks like I’m going to have to extend the entry period so you’ll have some extra time. Don’t you have a computer at home?

      Glad to hear you like the video blog! And yes, I got my tongue pierced before we left Giessen. I didn’t feel the need to write a blog post about it though. I uploaded some pictures to FB, but I’m not really sure you can tell that they are from the tongue piercing studio…

  3. Beth

    26 Aug on 2009 at 20:42

    As soon as I’m at a computer that doesn’t block facebook, I’ll be sure to post a link b/c/ my gym clothes have the same problem of not smelling as Fresh as my normal clothes do. James and I have both noticed that, so we’re excited to try a new product, and hopefully for free!

    PS I LOVE your voice and seeing you talk is so much better than writing in my book b/c there are facial expressions and SMILES to go along with the commentary :)