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This I Believe Podcasts 2: Family, Taking Risks, Honesty

Today’s posts brings you three statements that show the positive  impact those closest to us can have on our lives, whether related by blood or not, and even if the circumstances at first drive us through difficult lessons.

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The Podcasts

“A Net That Can Keep You Alive” by Kathrin — Click here to listen.

She was young when it happened, but when Kathrin’s brother was very ill and her godfather and godmother took her into their home, Kathrin learned an important lesson about how “family” is defined.

“All the Things That Could Have Been” by Ricarda Messer —  Click here to listen.

After her parents’ divorce, Ricarda lost faith in others and became very guarded; she didn’t let anyone in. Then a trip to Australia and New Zealand taught her to open up and starting taking risks.

“I Believe in Talking Honestly About Your Feelings” by Flo — Click here to listen.

A heart-to-heart with her mother about the public dangers of alcohol abuse, helped Flo to realize that it is not enough to know WHAT you think about a particular topic, but to explore–no matter how painful the realization might be–WHY you believe what you do.

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  1. David

    06 Sep on 2009 at 18:01

    I’m really enjoying listening to your student’s “This I believe” essays.