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This I Believe Podcasts 4: Education, Optimism, Change

In today’s podcasts, we’ll hear how these students’ futures were turned around by unexpected life events.

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The Podcasts

“A Better Life” by Susann — Click here to listen.

Susann never worried about the future and didn’t care about performing well in school. Then a job with low wages and her friends’ experiences made her realize that she wanted more out of life, so she became a university student, discovered her passions, and easily adjusted to the student life she had hated so much when she was younger.

“Experience Teaches” by Student 5* — Click here to listen.

Life’s experiences, both positive and negative, are a roadmap for this student.

“Going Through Changes” by Ann — Click here to listen.

For most of her life, Anna clung to the comfortable and avoided change, then, three months ago, her parents left her in charge of the family home when they moved to Finland for their jobs. That single event–and her success–showed Anna that change can make her stronger.

Want to Hear More?

I’ll be publishing all 31 recordings on my blog over the next month (three to four podcasts every three days), so be sure to check back, sign-up to receive posts via email, or subscribe to my RSS feed. You can also check the This I Believe directory to search by student name, topic, or publication date.

Creative Commons license

Each This I Believe podcast recording is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States license (read more about this license by clicking here). To post, publish, or use any recording (other than for private use), please contact me by email at l@lindenamueller.com and I will put you in contact with the student, who has retained all original copyrights.


* I gave my students the option to publish their podcasts anonymously, and several students chose to do so. I will refer to these students as “Student #”, where # is a randomly assigned number.

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