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This I Believe Podcasts 7: Hope, Music, Friendship

Today, Charlotte tells us how she–a  perfectionist–finally learned that life will go on even when the . Student 2 shares her love for music and making music, and student 3 relates a strong belief in the power of friendship.

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The Podcasts

“Life Goes On” by Charlotte Feyh — Click here to listen.

For this perfectionist, coming to the realization that life goes on even when the To Do list is not completed was calming and reassuring.

“Music Was My First Love — And It Will Be My Last” by Student 2* — Click here to listen.

When she was little, this student only practiced piano to keep her mom and teacher happy. Later in life, though, she found that making music helped her to cope with life’s everyday stresses.

“More Than Social Contacts” by Student 3* — Click here to listen.

For this student, true friendship manifested early, in kindergarten, and it has continued to be a integral part of her life, through thick and thin, ever since.

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Creative Commons license

Each This I Believe podcast recording is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States license (read more about this license by clicking here). To post, publish, or use any recording (other than for private use), please contact me by email at l@lindenamueller.com and I will put you in contact with the student, who has retained all original copyrights.


* I gave my students the option to publish their podcasts anonymously, and several students chose to do so. I will refer to these students as “Student #”, where # is a randomly assigned number.

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