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The Joy of Cooking… at Home

I never took Home Ec in high school. I never really enjoyed cooking either, so I was happy to find out that Rob loves cooking. Took a lot of pressure off of me. Most of my friends enjoy cooking. When we were roommates, Beth always made homemade hummus. Liz always shares delicious, easy (i.e. simple enough for me to not mess up) recipes with me. The straw that broke this camel’s back was Christina and George Bailey.

When we lived in Germany, George and I were colleagues at Justus-Liebig-Universität, and we became dear friends with the Baileys. They had over for dinner regularly. We’d all cook dinner together, then play cards, talk, or watch Brian Regan. So many nights, our bellies were filled with yummy, made-from-scratch meals. Thanksgiving 2008 was a veritable feast (there were 6 pies!), and George and Christina made sure that our birthdays that year would be unforgettable. Yum! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it, and my heart ache for my friends who are across the ocean.

There is one more thing that helped me find joy in cooking, and that is, well, Germany. In Germany, you can get so many fresh fruits and vegetables, I mean the variety is just delectable! There are less boxed meals, less meals that require you to “Just add water!” Don’t get me wrong–it’s not that Germans make everything from scratch or never eat out, but they have a greater variety of foods available to them for home preparation it seems. And I haven’t even mentioned all the ethnic markets that abound even in a small town like Giessen (it’s about the size of Joplin). I wrote about them before, though, so you can check out that post.

The fridges are, on average, smaller there, too. So we had to buy more often, and we often bought fresh as opposed to frozen because our freezer was about as big as a hiking boot shoe box.

We brought a lot of habits back to America with us, and most of them are good*. We cook a lot more from home, and it’s great! I am loving it! I’ve realized how inspired I am lately, and it’s a blast. As is normal for this blog, I’ll be following my passions here, writing about the recipe and food experiments that have been going on in the Mueller household. I’ll try to post something food-related every other week (maybe more frequently if I can). Coming tomorrow, though, is a delicious recipe for German pancakes, called literally, “egg cakes” (Eierkuchen), and vanilla syrup, a recipe from Christina’s personal cookbook. Mmm, quite the treat.

* The worst one I can think of: I have an insatiable thirst for good, complex beer. My favorite is Hefeweizen. I’ll drink it dunkle, hell, naturtrüb. But nothing I’ve had in America is good.

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