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Tuesdays with Linden’s Favorite Links: It Made My Day [Quick Read]

When I started the Tuesdays with Linden’s Favorite Links series, we lived in Germany and I had much more time for blogging because our life was very simple. Now, things have pick up again and I am balancing several hats (or something like that), so I am trying to balance my interests. Blogging simply has to be a part of my life. I love writing and writing with a deadline and for fun too much to close my blog. But I need to make sure that I don’t let it consume too much of my time.

I’ve decided to post only one link on these TwLFL posts. Maybe some day in the future I’ll bring back a list of links, but for now, I’m going to share one link a week. For a few weeks, I’m going to be sharing some websites that I have listed in my Google Reader as “Quick Reads.” These are sites where it takes only a few moments to enjoy the latest post, so enjoying these links will require much less time than the type of links I used to share, which were typically blog posts.

It Made My Day

URL: ItMadeMyDay.com

Twitter hashtag: #immd

This page is so fun! Users post short descriptions of funny moments in their life that–you guessed it–made their day.  You can vote on posts, so it’s easy to waste time on IMMD.com. I recommend subscribing in your RSS feeder because that helps control how many IMMD posts you can see, and thus save you from the Black Hole. The posts range from innocently funny to nerdy, to geeky and toilet humor. Here’s one of my favorites which falls, of course, into the “toilet humor” category.

I own a coffee shop. One of my regulars who is lactose intolerant came in a specifically asked me to fix him a very large mocha, made with whole milk. It seems that the other guys at his work have been farting a lot so he was going to get revenge. While making his drink we discussed strategy. IMMD.

What made your day?

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