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17 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Optimization

Today’s post is a part of the Springfield Bloggers Association “Take It and Blog Fridays.” The  theme today is Statistics and Analytics.

In my experience, it doesn’t take long for your website to be live before you begin wondering if people are stopping by to check it out. If you opened a business, you could see when people walked in the door, but not so with a website.

Enter the visit counter. Statistics have come a long way from the visit counters I remember from pre-CSS days of the Internet, and you can use the abundance of analytics to discover many characteristics of your visitors, such as where they are from, what screen resolution they are using, and which pages they are visiting most on your website.

Below are 17 of my favorite posts on tracking visitors to your website or blog. Enjoy! If you know of another great post on statistics, metrics, or SEO, leave it in the comments.

  1. Improve Your Blog’s Metrics in One Easy Step: Use teasers to increase click-throughs
  2. SEO: Metrics That Matter: A great list of important metrics definitions to help you make sense of your analytics
  3. A Few Notes on Adsense Stats: Adsense definitions for the Adsense newbie
  4. What Factors Influence Search Engine Traffic?: How the amount of content on your site or blog relates to organic traffic
  5. Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Ranking Explained: Confused about the difference between Google PageRank and Alexa? Read this short and sweet post.
  6. Blogger’s Guide to Feedburner, Part I: Getting Started: Instructions for setting up your site’s Feedburner RSS feed
  7. Blogger’s Guide to Feedburner, Part II: Troubleshootizing & Analyzing: How to troubleshoot Feedburner problems and reading Feed Stats (Bonus: How to import your feed to Facebook Notes)
  8. Blogger’s Guide to Feedburner, Part III: Optimizing: A guide to the Optimizing tab in Feedburner for understanding such items as Feed Flare, SmartFeed, and more
  9. Blogger’s Guide to Feedburner, Part IV: Publicizing: A guide to the Publicizing tab in Feedburner for understanding Email Subscriptions, Ping Shot, and more
  10. Blogger’s Guide to Feedburner, Part V: Networkizing & Monetizing: Explaining the use of the the My Networks page, the Monetize tab and the Feedburner Ad Network (FAN)
  11. Google Analytics Step One: Begin Tracking: A beginner’s guide to setting up Google Analytics on your website or blog
  12. Google Analytics Step Two: Don’t Track Yourself!: Instructions for how to exclude your own visits from Google Analytics tracking
  13. Google Analytics Step Three: Get Your Stats By Email : How to receive email reports from Google Analytics
  14. Google Analytics Step Four: Loose Ends: A few final tweaks to your Google Dashboard and some definitions to clear up confusing terms
  15. Beginner’s Guide to Interpreting Website Traffic Metrics with Google Analytics: More in-depth than my series on Google Analytics, this post really describes what you are looking for when you’re at the Google Analytics dashboard
  16. 17 Statistics to Monitor on Your Blog [Day 30 – 31DBBB]: What to look for when you’re logged in to Google Analytics or any other tracking site
  17. Using Google Analytics to Compare Traffic from Different Periods of Time: Adjusting and interpreting Google Analytics data to compare growth

2 thoughts on “17 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Optimization

  1. Sarah

    11 Mar on 2010 at 10:39

    Thanks, Linden. I’ve always been wary of your blog because of all the techie talk :), which always blew my mind since you’re also an English guru. Is it possible to have everything?? But I’m jumping in and enjoying it! I’ve also just started my website and so this post is of particular interest. I’ll forward it to my husband first, of course, since he’s the resident techie! But I’m going to dive in as well.

    • xgravity23

      11 Mar on 2010 at 20:28

      @Sarah: You are too kind! Let me know if there is anything I can help with. I don’t know much about SEO, but I know it’s important if you want to get found by search engines (and who doesn’t?). Are you building your site from scratch or using some sort of site builder? The header is awesome. LOVE the fuzzy owl! Did you make it or find it?