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Tuesdays with Linden’s Favorite Links: Wear Palettes [Quick Reads]

Today’s Quick Read is purely visual. No words. Well, you can read the titles, but they are so small on the page compared to the palettes and images, so they don’t really count. Click on over to Wear Palettes and take a peek.

I like this site because I am known for my bad color palettes. Back when I took English 627, I got teased for making web sites that look like clown pants. I made some pants once that looked like clown pants. I know there’s a picture of them somewhere around here and when I find it, I’ll share it with you. And by share it with you, I mean immediately throw it in the fireplace.

Anyway, Wear Palettes presents daily inspiration from an image of “street outfits” and a palette of colors from that image. Here’s one that pulls from a Star Wars image. Wear Palettes wins one brownie point. Unfortunately, they insult the brilliant minds behind Star Wars in the post title. I’m taking that brownie point back. Sorry, guys.

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