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100 Things About Me: A Textual Snapshot

Way back at the beginning of my second year of graduate school, Dr. Cadle has us write down 100 things about ourselves. I think it was part of an ice-breaker. I enjoyed the exercise then, and I’ve been hankering to write another list for my blog for a while. Been working on it during a few sleepless nights this summer, so here it is, just before my summer comes to an end with classes starting at both OTC Online and Missouri State next Monday.

100 Things About Me

  1. My right eyes waters. A lot.
  2. I have had two surgeries to fix this. Neither one worked.
  3. This is one reason I don’t wear makeup very often.
  4. The other is: I just don’t want to.
  5. Ich wunsche dass ich könnte Deutsch wie ein Deutscher sprechen.
  6. I love having my toenails painted passion red.
  7. I like my nose.
  8. But only from the front; I think profile gives me a huge honker.
  9. I love scary movies.
  10. . . . which has made me afraid of the dark and/or given me a wild imagination.
  11. . . . but I don’t really mind getting freaked out when I’m home alone. It’s an adrenaline rush of sorts. Some people jump out of planes, I make spooks and boogeymen out of creaks and knocks.
  12. My favorite letter is K.
  13. I’m also deferential to a’s and g’s since I changed the way I write them:
  14. My favorite part of speech is the verb.
  15. It doesn’t bother me one iota how nerdy that is.
  16. My favorite pen is the Uni-ball Vision.
  17. When I see others using that pen, I know we’re kindred spirits.
  18. I test the clickiness of pens before buying retractables, when possible. If the sound and resistance of the clicker do not please me, I won’t buy it.
  19. Sometimes I can’t stop saying “Gabourey Sidibe” over and over in my head. I love the rhythm of her name, I think.
  20. Rob and I have six perfect kids’ names picked out, three boy names and three girls names.
  21. We won’t use them all.
  22. And no, I won’t tell you what they are. We’re keeping them a secret.
  23. is my favorite number.
  24. Well, 10.23 is, but I have adopted just 23 for brevity’s sake.
  25. If you know why 23 is my favorite number, we must be good friends.
  26. I also like squares, 16 and 49 being my other favorites.
  27. I remember medium-length number strings (think phone numbers and birthdays / dates) very easily.
  28. I can type 70 to 80 WPM.
  29. I attribute this to 10 years of playing the piano.
  30. . . . and lots of Mavis Beacon as a nerdy teenager.
  31. Speaking of nerdy, my best friend and I spent our junior and senior high school years playing all sorts of card games, eating Cheez-its, and listening to the Beatles.
  32. Sometimes we’d play Monopoly, just to switch things up a bit.
  33. She’s the reason I started running.
  34. I was never an athlete in school.
  35. In fact, I had to go to the nurse’s office and the the doctor’s office after running a mile in PE class one day my junior year.
  36. If I hadn’t paced off a cross country runner, I might have been okay.
  37. Since January 2007, I’ve run several 5- and 10ks, 2 (utterly horrid) half marathons, and one marathon.
  38. I ran my first half mary 14 days after moving to Gießen.
  39. I was lapped by several Nordic walkers.
  40. That totally killed my mental endurance.
  41. I ran my second in Joplin this past June on the hottest day of the summer to that point.
  42. My running partner was 16 weeks pregnant at the time. She was pushing me.
  43. I am very greatful for that.
  44. I practically swam in the horse-trough ice bath afterward. It felt great.
  45. The first half of my marathon was just over an hour faster than the Joplin half.
  46. . . .and I followed that PR by running the second half!
  47. This bothers me, so I am determined to dominate a half mary one of these days.
  48. . . . but it won’t be on any of the 30 days in June (or July or August, for that matter).
  49. I ran my marathon in Berlin, and I loved it.
  50. . . . so much that I got the Brandenburger Tor tattooed on my left wrist as a reminder of what I have and can accomplish.
  51. I’m going to add “marathon runner” in red and in Greek to it later this year, on the 4,500th anniversary of the first marathon ever run.
  52. I like symbolism.
  53. I also like lists.
  54. . . . and sleeping in a cold room. If I could afford it, I’d keep my bedroom right around 63F/17C.
  55. I like being all snuggled under my nice down-alternative blanket.
  56. Germany changed me.
  57. Before we moved back home, I was very afraid that none of my old friends (or family, for that matter) would like the new Linden.
  58. . . . but they still do, apparently!
  59. So anyway, Germany proved to me how easy green living can be.
  60. . . . and it frustrates me how hard it is in the States.
  61. Even the country road we’d run on in Gießen had a nice, wide sidewalk. Here, I can’t walk the shortest route to Walmart because there are no sidewalks and it’s a busy, 4-lane main thoroughfare.
  62. Stores in Germany encourage shoppers to bring their own bags instead of just eating the cost of plastic bags like American retailers. So I always have a bag with me now.
  63. Sorting trash is mandatory and that is supported in every public place, like on the train platforms and in malls. So we sort our trash here and take to the recycling center what our trash service doesn’t take.
  64. Living there for two years convinced me that what I had believed since my first European trip at age 15 is true—that a part of Me is German.
  65. On top of that, living somewhere is to leave a piece of you (not dissimilar to a Horcrux) there. I miss Gießen, Schönow, and Berlin terribly some days.
  66. I fell in love with Rome while we were there for Holy Week 2009.
  67. I also fell in love with Gelato. We ate as much of it while we were there as possible.
  68. I also fell in love with Roman churches, which are on every corner (worse than Springfield, I swear!)
  69. I really got hooked on soccer. During the season (August to May), there’s a game every weekend day, and often during the week as well (we follow the Bundesliga, Premier League, and the UEFA championships/cups).
  70. Nothing beats live soccer when you can hear the fans’ cheers!
  71. I have a two-year hole in my already shoddy American culture knowledge; if It was popular anytime from September 2007 through September 2009, I probably don’t know about It.
  72. This does nit bother me, but it has made for some embarrassing conversations, (“How do you not know about THAT?!”), but also saved me from a few interesting characters (Lady Gaga, anyone? I barely know who she is, thank goodness; Paula Deen, same thing).
  73. I have a phobia of talking on the phone.
  74. It’s stupid, I know, and I’m working through it, but I still prefer SMSs or email/Facebook/Twitter.
  75. Some of my best friends share this phobia or have a general dislike of phone convos. I’m convinced that this is one reason we’re such good buddies.
  76. I’m working on a novel right now.
  77. It’s a weird one. We’ll see if it ever (a) gets finished and (b) gets published. I don’t have any illusions about the likelihood of (b), but (a) will happen.
  78. I understand how truly blessed I am to have the good friends that I do. I try to never take that for granted, but I often fail, I think.
  79. I have secrets.
  80. Some of them are in this list, but some are not.
  81. Listening to certain types of music (classical and jazz), along with certain meaningful songs, is a religious experience for me.
  82. I believe that “different” shouldn’t mean “bad”; it should just mean “different.”
  83. I don’t like talking about my political or religious beliefs because too many people let those topics be too divisive.
  84. Chocolate and peanut butter is my favorite flavor combination.
  85. I love the smells of bacon, leather, Aspen cologne, and this one particular type of men’s deodorant.
  86. I am a very deep sleeper, and I think that’s the way to go.
  87. I can pretty much sleep anywhere, especially (but not only) when I’m really tired.
  88. Throughout my high school years, I never ate in the cafeteria. My friends and I ate in the band room, outside, or in the classroom.
  89. I think I did that because the cafeteria always stressed me out. Maybe I don’t like large groups of people chattering all around me when I’m eating.
  90. I really, really hate ticks. They disgust me.
  91. Sometimes I’m convinced that I’m a pretty big failure.
  92. . . . but usually something will happen to remind that I’m not that bad and I can do things right every once in a while, that I do have some useful skills.
  93. I don’t like pulpy OJ.
  94. . . . or stringy bananas.
  95. I have a hard time remembering how to spell these words: definitely, bureaucracy, recommend, and words ending in -ance/-ence.
  96. However, I can usually feel that a spelling is wrong, rather than know it.
  97. I used to have the paragraph on the front of the Absolut vodka bottle memorized.
  98. My closet is organized by color within seasons and then dressy / casual.
  99. I usually sleep on my right side.
  100. I am left-handed.

So there you go. Now it’s your turn! Go write 100 things about yourself down. You don’t have to share the on your blog, but I bet you’ll find the experience as refreshing and fun as I did.

5 thoughts on “100 Things About Me: A Textual Snapshot

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  2. Fips

    18 Aug on 2010 at 18:40

    Ooo, someone else with a telephone phobia! Interesting list, though. Will you be going into any more detail on some of those secrets? Like why the number 23 (or the 23rd?) is special? And what your novel is going to be about?

    • admin

      19 Aug on 2010 at 8:56

      @Fips: I know at least two other people with the same phone phobia, so that makes four of us! :) I will not be going into detail about some of those secrets, and why 23 is one of them. :) Like I said, only the special people in my life (and more often than not, people who have known me for while) know. :) My novel??? Well, it’s part romance novel, part examination of how (some) people (might) interact on a metaphysical level. It’s probably about half finished, but I’ve hit a wall! It sucks.

  3. Sarah Jo

    17 Aug on 2010 at 23:21

    Thanks for giving me a mention! Not sure what compelled me to push us to finish that race. Pure stubbornness, methinks.

    • admin

      19 Aug on 2010 at 8:53

      @Sarah: Of course! How could I not mention you, my rock?! Whatever it was that compelled you, I’m greatful for it.