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It’s Like Wanting to Stop During a Run

I was sick last week, had some sort of sore throat bug. That means I drank a lot of hot tea—I believe (not really, but sorta) that drinking hot tea will kill all the bacteria in my throat. It’s a mature belief, folks. When I was in college, I believed that vodka would take care of any upper respiratory problems. Anyway, that also means that I allowed myself two half days for recovery. And believe me, we were a miserable crowd! Rob was sick too and had Thursday off, so we laid around, miserable together, moaning, tossing the Kleenex box back and forth, and terrorizing the cats by throwing Kleenex at them. I even took a nap.

Add to that my new policy of not working on the weekends. I used to spend too much time working on school, but I’ve started setting boundaries for myself so that I can stay sane and sociable. That means working during pre-determined hours only, and never all weekend. I usually check in on things Sunday afternoon or evening, but I don’t after Friday at 5.

So now it’s Monday and I’m supposed to be working, but that enforced laziness of the sick days plus the vacuum of student emails and issues from the weekend make really not feel like working. All I want to do is play Angry Birds.

But it’s like wanting to stop in the middle of a run.

I feel tired, my legs/ankles/shoulders/feet hurt, I can’t breathe. Whatever the excuse, I want to quit. Sometimes I say so to Sarah and she’ll keep me going, but I try to make myself go on.

“One more step, one more step. Keep going until that tree. Okay, that wasn’t too bad. You can make it until the clearing.”

So today, it has been, “Come on, Linden, grade just three blogs, you can do it. Okay, that wasn’t so bad, do three more. Way to go, keep pushing. :)”

This is why I have that tattoo on my wrist, to remind me that I can do whatever I have to do. Step by tiny step is how it gets done, whether it’s 26.2 miles or grading 50 essays, blogs, and discussion board posts.

How do YOU keep working (or start working) when you don’t feel like it?

One thought on “It’s Like Wanting to Stop During a Run

  1. Sarah S

    29 Sep on 2010 at 7:57

    That’s my problem…I DON’T have a way of getting myself to work! I’m the world’s worst procrastinator. I have to be really inspired to do something I’m required to do. If I have a deadline, no problem. But no deadline and I’m in trouble! Your thoughts were inspiring though and I’m going to try to remember them. Step by step. I don’t have to finish the whole project, I just need to start it!

    By the way, the whole spam protection thing throws me every time. I mean math? Really? I’m going to be really disappointed in myself if I miss it one of these days! :)