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Why I Hate Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering. I don’t remember much specific vocabulary from seventh-grade government class, but “gerrymandering” always stood out in my mind because I think it sounds funny.

The practice itself, however? Not funny. When politicians redraw district lines in order to guarantee their re-election it’s called gerrymandering. So why the uncharacteristic political rant in what is otherwise a politics-free zone?

I heard “Critics Want Redistricting Process Changed in [Florida]” on NPR yesterday morning and it made me mad. Drawing the district that will elect you so that it favors you is cheating. It’s wrong. It is not politics, and it’s about the furthest thing from a representative government as you can be without being some other form of government.

Tell me: why, in the first place, are the elected officials the ones who get to draw district boundaries in the first place? Who originally thought that was a good idea? Three words: Objective third-party needed.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on our dire need for a viable third political party.

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