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Where to Buy Mattresses in Springfield

We hosted Christmas this year, but before we could fill our family members’ dreaming heads with visions of sugar plums, we needed to make sure we had enough beds for each of those heads!

A tricky purchase, right? You don’t want to get the bottom of the line coily beds; you want your guests to be comfortable. But there’s no reason to get top-of-the-line, either; why pay a pretty penny for something that will get used infrequently? So we went shopping. Our goal was to spend no more than $800 and find quality, mid-line mattresses that will serve us (and our guests!) well for years to come.

Here’s where we went and what we found at each place.

Mattress Outlet

1706 E. Sunshine St.
Springfield, MO 65804-1323
(417) 866-5579

Small place, small selection, but covers your basics: low-end model starting at $200 for a queen. The best mattress was $600, I think (didn’t really look at those). Bonus: you can choose either free delivery (a $25 value) or free frame ($59, I think). You had to buy the frame separately everywhere else. The lady who was working was friendly and didn’t hover. No hard sell, and we liked that. We really liked both of the two $360 queen models, but decided to keep shopping. The mattresses were in stock, so we wouldn’t have to waitifor delivery.

The Furniture Broker

3530 E. Sunshine St.
Springfield, MO 65809-2813
(417) 881-0229

Big place, but surprisingly small big mattress selection. Lots of couches, recliners, tables, and decor. Here we focused on two different mattresses and a sofa sleeper (about $1,000, but on sale for $750). It would have been a nice addition to my office–I need a place for afternoon naps, after all! The two mattresses were $300 and $350, plus $50 for the frame. Delivery was $55 or you can pick it up yourself. These felt better than the ones available at Mattress Outlet, better quality, more cushion while still firm. Hard sell here. Almost to the point of annoying.

We almost bought here, but decided that sleeper couches are usually on par with the bottom-of-the-line mattresses, but for a premium. Of course, you do get to use the couch part year-round, but would it be worth it? The more expensive mattress was available in-stock, and the cheaper one would arrive at the store in 1 to 2 weeks if we ordered it. The sofa sleeper was in stock too. In the end, we weren’t convinced that we had found the best deal, so we kept shopping.

Sleep Mart

3021 E. Sunshine St.
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 886-5555

Fairly small, but deceptively so… there is an upstairs with mattresses and a few bunk beds, but they’ll be converting one room into a Lay-Z-Boy display room. Here, the gems were a close-out Paula Deen Sealy—fluffy pillow top, high value, close-out price of $350—and Posturepedic memory foam mattresses that he’s trying to move, on sale for $378. I think the frames were $40.

Here, I almost fell asleep while testing that memory foam mattress, something I’ve had my eyes on since I tried one a long time ago. It was a nice place: cozy, lots of choices, and–best of all–no hard sell. Just a straight-shooter nice guy. Always wins points in our book. But, we still couldn’t pull the trigger.

Furniture Factory Outlet

1434 E. Independence St.
Springfield, MO 65804-3708
(417) 883-7744

Pretty big place, and lots of options all along the price spectrum, plus a lot of other furniture. Here, we looked at a regular mattress (sorry, can’t remember the price!) that was on par with the other mid-range mattresses we looked at, and two memory foam mattresses, one 8 inches thick and the other 10 inches.

However, these were not competitively priced. The salesman offered to cut us a deal if we bought three mattresses (we did not want to buy three mattresses!) but the “numbers” they gave us were much more expensive than any other place we’d been to. Add to that an über-annoying sales pitch, and we were pretty sure we wouldn’t be returning. I do have to add that we chatted with this salesman a little and he seems like a cool dude, but man, the hard sell does not work on us.

We had planned on going to Slumberland too, as we have purchased several pieces of furniture there in the past, but we. were. done. We did some Christmas shopping and let all that we’d seen simmer.


In the end, we went with Sleep Mart and those $378 memory foam mattresses. We enjoyed Gary’s individualized (what, he actually listened to us?!) genuine sales pitch and all the great choices he presented to us in our price range. We got our mattresses within a week and we even put our old (well, 1-year-old) mattress in one of the guest rooms and are now sleeping on one of these memory foam dreams!

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