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The Joplin Torndao: Strangers Helping Strangers

I am hearing so many stories of strangers helping strangers in Joplin, both people from Joplin and the surrounding areas and those far away. I am lucky enough to be a one little chain in the link of one of those stories, and here it is.

Tuesday evening, I saw a post on one of the many Joplin tornado relief groups from Tracie in Ohio saying that she needed to get  some specific items to a specific person at MSSU. I know Betsy, who works at MSSU, so I put Tracie and Betsy in contact.

The next morning and without realizing it was the same request, I reposted Betsy’s status update about donations for some plus-sized clothing. One of my brother’s friends from high school, Jacque, responded, and connected me with Becky, who works with Young Life and had just done a clothing drive at Northpark Mall. Becky confirmed that she had the sizes Tracie’s friend needed, so when I got to Joplin (some of this happened while I was traveling from Springfield to Joplin) I passed Becky’s number on to Tracie’s friend in need, who’s name I had found out by this point, was Laura.

Well, at my mom’s apartment in Joplin, the first thing we did was eat the lunch I had brought. Second, I told her I had some phone calls to make. On the off-chance she did, I asked her if she knew Becky. She does! Then I asked if she knew Laura, and she does! Mom knows both of these ladies, one who would help  the other simply because of a post I saw on Facebook.

In the meantime, my sister-in-law Edi and her sister Jesse collecting donations and are mailing them to me to get to Laura in Joplin.

In the meantime, I found out that Tracie doesn’t actually know Laura! She just saw this need that someone has posted online and wanted to help.

In the meantime, Tracie convinced Lane Bryant to break policy and allow her to purchase a gift card from Ohio for Laura in Joplin, which Laura used to buy much-needed bras and two work outfits, since she has to go back to work on Monday.

In the meantime, we are still working to get Laura, who lost everything in this tornado, some more work clothes. Can you help? Here is what she needs

  • size 10 underwear
  • 42DD bras
  • size 24 (or ee) pants
  • 3x shirts
  • size 9 or 9 1/2 shoes

If you can help and you know me personally, message or text me to let me know you have donations. I can deliver them on Saturday when I go down. If you are out of the are and would like to help, post a comment with your email address, send me a Facebook message, or text me at 417.597.3045, and I can give you a shipping address.


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