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Healthy Obsessions: Coffee, Crafties, & Besties


It just sort of happened. Sarah, her best friend since 3rd grade Jenny, and I met a couple Monday nights in a row at a local coffee shop, each bringing our current craft projects. Before we realized it even, we had a standing date.

Now, some Monday nights have prior commitments, like SgfBlogs.com on the second Monday each month, but anytime we don’t have something like that, it’s Coffee, Crafties, & Besties Night.

Sarah has been working on a small-block scrapghan, and finished the blocks tonight.

Jenny does embroidery–tea towels or baby onsies–and this evening she had formed a little tea pot in her embroidery ring.

I’ve been working on a gift scarf and, my piece de resistance, a large, cozy afghan all for me.

In a couple hours a week, we leave work and family and stress and enter a place that is relaxed and stimulating, engaging our creative selves, indulging in a craft that we don’t get to splurge on at any other time during our week.

In a couple hours a week, I have found a mini-vacation that leaves me refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the week.

Our conversation follows no pattern, no rules. We natter, we discuss, we explain, we tell stories, all while our hands and minds are relishing in a favorite craft. It’s almost divine.

What do you do to disconnect from your stresses and replenish your soul each week? Or… what do you dream about having the time to do? If you’re in the second category, don’t ignore yourself any more; make time for YOU this week, perhaps with dear friend. Tell us about it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Healthy Obsessions: Coffee, Crafties, & Besties

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  2. Beth

    28 Aug on 2011 at 18:52

    I hope I fit in the Besties category! That sounds like a great time, and such a great way to relax with friends (and be productive!!).

    I like to exercise to disconnect from stress, and I like to read each night before bed to replenish my soul by taking some quiet time each day.

    I dream of having the time to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday….but that very rarely occurs….

    • admin

      29 Aug on 2011 at 8:11

      Of course you do! But we just started this when Jenny moved to Branson and then to Springfield… so when are you gonna join us? ;)