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Pamela is the Best Personal Trainer in 417

We’ve got a great regional magazine here in Springfield, 417 Magazine, named after our telephone area code. Every year, they ask for 417 peeps to nominate the Best of 417 Land, and my personal trainer, Pamela, is in the running.

She does a really good job of explaining why she’s so great, but I want to give you my take.

5 Reasons to Vote for Pamela Hernandez, Thrive Personal Fitness

  1. She is real. I’ve known Pamela for about a year and half, and she’s always been a nice, real person. At Springfield Bloggers Association, where we met, she isn’t pushing her business, trying to get new clients. She is just her. I totally respect small business owners who promote their business in such a natural way, instead of selling, selling, selling.
  2. She is realistic. I feel like the goals we set are doable. I don’t think she is asking me to change my eating habits drastically, even if I whine about Dr. Pepper (because I know how crappy it is for me!). I don’t feel like she expects me to do perfect burpees already or hold the plank for 60 seconds. I feel like she took a week to see what I can do, and now she’s pushing me just enough to strengthen and tone without killin’ me.
  3. She is a giver. Pamela is really active in the Daily Burn forums. She does a call-in radio show whenever they’ll take her. She answers questions of non-clients on Twitter and Facebook. I know all of that is networking and promotion, but many business owners have trouble giving anything away for free. Pamela doesn’t.
  4. She is encouraging. I cannot handle negative, hard-ass coaching. It kills my spirit and makes me want to quit quick. But Pamela is positive without being cheesy.
  5. She is “back to basics.” I feel like I can totally maintain the workout routine that we do at home once our training is over. No fancy (read: expensive) machines. Just a few carefully chosen tools (kettle bells, medicine balls, hand weights, weight bench, exercise ball, etc) that I could buy for myself with about $150 or less. I like that.

I think she’s pretty great, so I’m asking that you help recognize her. Here’s how.

  1. Go to the 2012 Best of 417 Readers’ Choice Awards Page
  2. Vote for all your 417-land favorites.
  3. Be sure to Enter the Math answer and Click Next Page at the bottom of each page/tab.
  4. On page 4 (Shopping + Services) enter the following for Best Personal Trainer:

Pamela Hernandez, Thrive Personal Fitness

Then finish the survey by entering your information on the last page.


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