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Race Tomorrow, Running Mind Tonight

The big variables are already set in stone: how will I fuel up in the days leading up to race day? How much muscle-building, body-rejuvenating sleep will I allow myself? How serious did I take my training?

Those factors get checked off before my toes get anywhere near the starting line. All these little things I’m worrying about now will only rob me of rest, so I’m just going to write ’em out.

How hard will I be able to push myself tomorrow? I’ve just finished reading the most inspiring running book probably ever written, Born to Run by Chris McDougall. If the finale 50-mile race pitting the Tarahumara against the world’s best ultra runners, run in the Copper Canyon in 100° desert weather, doesn’t inspire me to give a measly 10k in beautiful Missouri fall weather my best, I don’t know what will.

How should I fuel? If I eat one Gu Chomp per mile in the St. Louis Half Mary, that’s more than two packets I’ll have to carry. Maybe I should try one every 1.5 miles? But is a perfect pre-race race day the best time to try out a new fueling strategy? Probably not, but then again, maybe so?

Should I go for the shirt-jacket combo, or just the long-sleeved shirt by itself? Hat or visor? The hat will keep my head warmer than the visor, but if I go shirt-jacket, maybe the visor will be okay?

Should I try for a negative split or a steady pace? There’s a small incline–enough to be a thorn in my side–just before the finish line. Do I meet it with speed or take it steady?

And then, the big question. Rob thinks I could do a sub-hour 10k tomorrow if I push myself. I’d emreally/em love to do that, but is it smart to push now, so close to the big race? My real goal is 11-minute miles, and I definitely think that’s possible, because training has gone really well…

And now I really have to go to sleep. Thanks for listening. And, Sarah? Sorry I told you to close emThe Help/em do you could get some sleep and then stayed up myself… Can I repay you in Gu? /p

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