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The 14-Day No Dr. Pepper Update: Day 4

Well, I decided on Monday to go cold-turkey on Dr. Pepper with a couple safe guards in place to make sure that I don’t slip up. If I make it 14 days with out any soda (diet is okay at this point), then I get to give $2 a day for a total of $28 to the Alzheimer’s Association and Pamela has bought in too at $0.50 a day. That will be $35 for a cause very near to my heart.

But if I take one teeny sip of Dr. Pepper, then my $2 a day goes to Westboro Baptist Church, cult that does more for the forces of darkness it purports to fight than it does the “god” they supposedly follow. Everything they do goes against everything I believe God truly is. Why in the would would I do anything that would support them.

So here is an account of what I’m sure will be the three hardest days of this 14 days. Continue reading

Willpower and The Biggest Hurdle: Dr. Pepper

It’s no secret that Dr. Pepper is one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to making healthy choices. I’ve tried all sorts of ways to quit it, but it’s so hard.

My current strategy is substitution. Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, sparkling water in the evening, and lots of good old fashioned tap water all day. It works well, but it’s not fool-proof because I’m weak.

But I have a new strategy. Continue reading