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The 14-Day No Dr. Pepper Update: Day 4

Well, I decided on Monday to go cold-turkey on Dr. Pepper with a couple safe guards in place to make sure that I don’t slip up. If I make it 14 days with out any soda (diet is okay at this point), then I get to give $2 a day for a total of $28 to the Alzheimer’s Association and Pamela has bought in too at $0.50 a day. That will be $35 for a cause very near to my heart.

But if I take one teeny sip of Dr. Pepper, then my $2 a day goes to Westboro Baptist Church, cult that does more for the forces of darkness it purports to fight than it does the “god” they supposedly follow. Everything they do goes against everything I believe God truly is. Why in the would would I do anything that would support them.

So here is an account of what I’m sure will be the three hardest days of this 14 days.

I was out of the office on all Monday and Tuesday morning, so I was swamped when I got back. It was rough, and I wanted some Dr. Pepper. Probably because it was now forbidden, I believed that Dr. Pepper would make me feel all better and less stressed magically. How do we get ourselves to believe these things? I needed something, so I got myself a Chai.

Wednesday was more of the same. Different stresses, but again, I just knew that Dr. Pepper would make me feel better. But give to Westboro? No way. On day 2, I drank lots of green tea with Truvia.

On Thursday, I was exhausted. It was the third day in a row that I was up before 7, and I didn’t get to sleep early enough to do it without caffeine. Now, I’m trying to replace my caffeine cravings with coffee, but I still prefer Dr. Pepper in the morning and coffee in the late morning to the early afternoon. But I couldn’t give in! I just couldn’t! So I drank lots of coffee, lots of water, and I had a Diet Coke with my lunch. And I made it.

Today, I was fine. No temptation. I’m hoping I’m over the hump.

A side note: I’m already thinking about what I’ll give up or aim for next. Maybe I’ll try to get 3 servings of veggies in every day for 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll give up sweets or some other food that I over-indulge in. But I’m also trying not to think about the next thing and trying to focus on this one thing. Just this one thing.

2 thoughts on “The 14-Day No Dr. Pepper Update: Day 4

  1. Deanna

    18 Feb on 2012 at 19:07

    Yay Linden! And I think you should go no soda next!

  2. Daniel Hargett

    17 Feb on 2012 at 22:49

    Yes! Good job! You rock!