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Willpower and The Biggest Hurdle: Dr. Pepper

It’s no secret that Dr. Pepper is one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to making healthy choices. I’ve tried all sorts of ways to quit it, but it’s so hard.

My current strategy is substitution. Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, sparkling water in the evening, and lots of good old fashioned tap water all day. It works well, but it’s not fool-proof because I’m weak.

But I have a new strategy. I’m well into Willpower and as I drove all over Missouri this weekend visiting family and meeting baby Will Mildren, I listened to lots of Freakonomics podcasts, one of which covered commitment devices, tactics people use to hold themselves to their goals. So I, of course, hatched a plan supported by what I read in Willpower and heard from Freakonomics.

I’ve got to focus on one thing if I want to succeed (that’s from Willpower), and I need a good carrot (to reward me if I succeed) or an inspiring stick (to convince me not to fail), and with all the thinking time on the road, I think I’ve come up with a great plan.

My carrot/stick is going to be $2 for every day I’m successful in the current period. If I’m successful, that money will go towards the Alzheimer’s Association, and if I fail, it’ll go to Westboro Baptist Church, an organization I completely despise and detest.

My first period is going to be two weeks, starting tomorrow. Then a month, then two months, then maybe I’ll be rid of this vice I’ve been trying to eliminate for a long time.

I’ll post here again on Leap Day to let you know where the $28 is going, or you can follow me on Google+ or Twitter for more frequent updates.

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3 thoughts on “Willpower and The Biggest Hurdle: Dr. Pepper

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  2. Deanna

    13 Feb on 2012 at 23:10

    I went cold turkey no pop last Monday. Except for half a soda on Monday evening, no soda at all! The first few days I was excited, like Oh, look at how healthy I’m being! After that I started to get bored with all the water. But I’m staying strong! It’s crazy the changes my body has gone through in just a week. Contact me if you want to, if you’re feeling a Dr. Pepper craving! We can be each other’s support!

    • admin

      17 Feb on 2012 at 20:41

      I’m so glad we’re going through this together! You’ve been great so far. We can do this!!!