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Posed [She Only LOOKS Calm]

Well, I’m totally in love with my Vizsla, Rowdy. If you didn’t know that already, it’s probably because you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter. If you love Vizslas too, you should connect with Rowdy on Facebook or Twitter, or with me on Instagram–I try to do all my dog-related sharing in those places for my non-dog-people friends; I used to be one myself, so I understand that that sort of post can get annoying.

So anyway, I will occasionally post pictures of her here, but I promise they’ll only be really cute, really funny, or with a good story behind them.

A Vizsla, Posed

This picture was taken by my best friend, Beth, when Rowdy was almost 5 months old. It falls in the “really cute” category.

Rowdy the Vizsla

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