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How I Will Move Forward After Deactivating My Facebook Account [pt 2 of 3]

If you missed the first part of this series explaining why I deactivated my Facebook account in the first place, go check it out now.

I can’t stay off of Facebook forever, I don’t think. For one, I do actually have work responsibilities that require me to update Facebook Pages. Second, even in the one week I have been off of Facebook, there have been contests I have wanted to enter or posts I’ve been linked to from Twitter that require me to use Facebook*. I could do with out the second, but the first reason is enough to make me consider how I will use Facebook post-deactivation. Finally, the are some specific parts of Facebook that I find useful and which generate positive emotions, like Facebook Groups**.

I see three choices.

  1. Start over. New account with new friends (very limited) and admin pages, hopefully same pictures (via data export and then–can you import?).
  2. Stay away. I will still need to find a way to administer pages, perhaps by keeping my account and deleting all my friends and Page Likes.
  3. Go back. This would mean a major culling of all the people and Pages who post things that make me feel icky, jealous, sad, annoyed etc.

Staying away completely does not seem like a viable option, for the work reason alone, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Starting over might mean that I will lose a lot of history that I value; I have been on Facebook and posting pictures and getting (fun!) comments on those pictures since 2006, and I’d hate to lose something I enjoy so much.

So it seems I’ll be going back. But in order not to regret that decision, I am going to stay away for a little while longer and evaluate what I need to do in order to keep Facebook in its proper place in my life (time sink and emotional issues) and to feel comfortable with how Facebook handles the data that I give it.


* I think it’s bad practice to make content available only to Facebook users, but such is life. (Should it be, though?)

** I truly enjoy my book club, Vizsla, and Cruse Dog Park groups. But, unlike Facebook in general, the members of those groups stay focused and share thoughtful, interesting posts.

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