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Why I Am Voting No on Springfield’s Question 1 on April 7 #SGFvoteNO

My Bible says, “Love your neighbor as yourself” and (paraphrasing here) leave the judgement to God. Discriminating is not love. Prejudice is not love. Being all judgey-judgey exclusionary is not love.
You want to be Christ-like, you love people. Your vote to allow discrimination because someone, based on the Bible, is sinning by being a homosexual, is not Christ-like. Christ loves every single Springfieldian, straight, gay, transgendered, rich, poor, respectable job, questionable job, no job, homeless, you name it. He loves them. You strive to be like him? You should strive to love and protect them.
I have a problem with the modern church because it espouses separateness, encourages discrimination, preaches to its members to be unlike Christ. There are churches in Springfield preaching from the pulpit to support Question 1. There is no Jesus in the decision to repeal a measure that prevents people from practicing hate.
And now to one of my soap boxes. I will allow that homosexuality is a sin, that perhaps feeling like a man in a woman’s body is too (I do not believe that, but I can see where that Biblical belief comes from). But the Bible also says, in no uncertain terms, “All have sinned” and “Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.”
So you judge a lesbian because of her sexual preferences? When you have removed the plank from from your own eye, go right ahead and remove the speck from hers. Unfortunately, the lesbian’s sin is way more public than yours; perhaps pity her, but do not judge her. You lie, covet, steal, have other idols before God (alcohol? Money? Possessions? Work? Yourself?), all in the privacy of your own heart, before only you and God. Do not forget that, and do not feel holier than a lesbian whose “sins” are laid bare for the world to see. Love her. Embrace her. That is what Jesus would have done.
End Note: This is why I do not like to get religious publicly: I have my own sins and I’m working on them and it’s between me and my God. If they affect or hurt you, I will do my best to make that right.
So I have a very hard time condemning anyone for their sins; that is not my job. It’s a big, weighty one, and I’ll let God handle it, thankyouverymuch. I will love the all of the other sinners on this planet, all of them.

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