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“When one teaches, two learn.”

How To Learn Something New Every Day (And Actually Do Something With It). This blog post on Productivityist reminded me that I am a lifetime student (something I’ve long said as part of my answer to “So! Tell me about yourself”) and finally connected that trait with the fact that I’m also a teacher. 

Duh. Why am I not creating curriculum for myself and learning every day, which I would love?!

I am not going to start making worksheets for myself, but I love the idea of choosing a topic that I want to learn about, selecting a medium to learn it in, creating a curriculum, spending time every day learning, and then sharing what I’ve learned? 

Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes
US author & physician (1809 – 1894)

I can’t commit to blogging what I learn every day, but I can promise to record what I learn and share it at some point; I like studying before bed (hello, night owl!), but I am also trying to get enough sleep!   This is a hard bargain to drive with yourself!

When one teaches, two learn. 

-Robert Half

But I am also happiest when I am exploring new concepts! I love “nerding out” about cool science, a new Excel formula‚Ķ really anything new; I am insatiably curious. So I might have to sacrifice a little sleep, or maybe a little TV time, but I’ll love it.

The blog post also suggests sharing what you’ve learned because it could make you money! And get you thousand and millions of followers! But I just like teaching and learning for the intrinsic joy of lighting the fire, and one of the things I’ve learned in my thirties is that there are certain things that I can do to make my soul happy, and one of those things is writing. I’ve been writing privately for most of my thirties, in a journal or at 750words.com, but I kinda miss blogging. 

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. 

-William Butler Yeats

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